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AIRWALLET based on is one of the technologies in generate by ethereum, this wallet application based ethereum erc-20, and this is one of the cryptocurrency wallet makes it easy for all users to store the assets in a way that is very simple as well as this wallet application will receive a wide range of project airdrop. Ethereum is one platform that can generate the token based erc-20, s many crypto experts who claimed that the technology was safe from the attacks of hackers.

Team conjure up with very clever to make a wallet that greatly facilitate the user, change Team Rukan platform ethereum was once only in the stand to make the token but is now in a very cryptocurrency Wallet secure. Air team wallets also has been invest in ICO and will accept a wide variety of project airdrop. Talk about an air wallet purse certainly would be no uniqueness in the wallet, after I browse to their white papers page, I found the keys between which will be used as a way to move the assets to another wallet, in This transfer will be in accompanied with security extremely tight so that your assets are not lost.


AIR WALLET aims to solve the current problems within this industry to help aid in the growth of the market, building authentic communities for token projects, while creating a comfortable platform with our users in mind.

As we know today, that expert-based Cryptocurrency is greatly improved over its popularity and also at this time started there s shift between ico project to airdrop, aerial wallet opens the way to revamp or marketing has been then become the latest marketing, openness or air wallet can also be used in the project to run Host as well as a form to get user-based exchanges. The process by which it will make all the people who don't understand about the world cryptocurrency joined to the project that has a very large group. All those who will join the air wallet will get the extraordinary ease and as well as knowing how to buy digital assets first, all users who don't understand how to invest or participate in the ICO will be directed funds that user understand in detail about the confusion that will be encountered. As I said at the beginning of the discussion about this purse that air wallet will simplify a wide range of processes that exist on the airdrop project, but not only that, it also has the goal of swallow air which is very sought after by various kinds of people swallow air because the present visibility Rukan people to industry blockchain.


At this time the growth of the market and problems getting air ICO's purse found two problems to be solved.

through the air it's hard to search, find, and participate.

Airdrop is one project that is in great demand by all persons, all projects will be utilizing the existence of airdrop is to dance all people to support the project, therefore at the moment for hard to find don't even get the opportunity to join,

Airdrop is one project that is very complicated if the user wants to register all users not even get approval to register because the user does not meet the assignment specified has been, if you know that this airdrop represents a physical currency. The user SKPLBI will require a very long time as well as effort needed, such a process is what will make the project will evolve more slowly.

The number of participants.

There are several sites that will tell you bring there are projects for the future but by the number of websites that will confuse the participants when the want to register on a web site that provides a schedule for the project.

This is one very complicated for the user because all users will hunt down websites that provide for future projects,
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AIRWALLET solutions

an efficient asset management.

Diverse assets there will be Airwallet platform so users can easily Rukan to register and support all existing projects. If you support all project and if the project you support has been finish then you will get a token of the project! Don't worry if the token that you guys have not SKPLBI on the stock exchange, digital assets can be managed by you guys own.

However way you guys manage those assets?

Air wallet will supply a solution Exchange has been made through FIRE a wide range of exchanges, so you will be able to manage your assets very easily, it's not just that! You guys would also be very easy to store the date as well as your digital assets.

A new approach to community building & through the air.

What hangs do you guys think if you guys hear the word airdrop?

Surely you guys would think if there'll surely be airdrop to hear the Exchange. And Yes!! Your thoughts and the thoughts of once right there on the WATER this wallet solution. Air wallet stated that the airdrop part that is inseparable from the currency market or Exchange called cryptocurrency, both will be one provision that would cause the currency as a marketing function first.

The visibility of the accessibility Platform & Blockchain

In Air applications there are many purses Will airdrop, the tagline on the underlined bring Rukan airdrop that SKPLBI on the application of this water will purse very promising for all users, and a token in a can will be a transaction in the real . In the platform users can roam Rukan without having to leave the application Water wallet, this exploration will be done just to make the program for, after such an air wallet will connect between service provider blockchain with Rukan user platform.

Airpool and the Airwallet Token Specifications


Out of a total 100% the token to be issued by air wallet, there are 30% token air which will be stored in the Outdoor air, if you do not have the funds to buy a token then you guys can use the p2p lending facilities, and this is a function of the air the pond was, in these p2p lending discussion air wallet will publish the stable so that the token can be used by all users.


If you have a token named air, then you can use the facilities of the air swamp wallet, in the Marsh itself, there are two of these token functions, such as paying the goods and pay for services offered by the platform of the wallet air. This token specifications we will describe below.

The token supply: 1 billion air

Token sales: 25% of the total supply

Softcap: 5 million USD

Selling price of IEO: 0.06 USD.
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Q3 2018

✓ Conception of Idea

✓ Team Building

✓ Early Stage Investment

✓ Whitepaper Ver. 1.0

✓ Product Development

✓ Website Launch

Q4 2018

✓ Asia Roadshow

✓ App. Demo Launch

✓ Strategic Partnership

✓ Smart Contract Testing

✓ Wallet Test

• App. Launch

• IEO Listing

Q1 2019

• Multi-Language Support

• Airdrop Swap

• Payment System

• Blockchain Platform Integration

• dApp Store Layout

Q2 2019

• dApp Store Integration

• AIR Pool Service Layout

• International Business Dev.

• Mainnet Development

• ATM Integration

• Offline Payment

Token info

Token AIR

Price 1 AIR = 0.06 USD

Platform Ethereum

Soft cap 5000000 USD

Country Singapore

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