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Technology is supposed to be a means to free our time, this will occur by automating tasks and performing them in a way and manner that is more efficient.

Technology has however introduced a stream that is never ending, that creates new ways to waste away time. The window of uninterrupted free time that is usually available to professionals on a daily basis is gradually shrinking.

It has been discovered yearly that, billions of hours are lost to inflexible hourly scheduling which leaves behind lengthy periods of waiting between clients as well as parties.

As the world has become digitized and so do the businesses but still these businesses charge their clients on hourly basis even if the appointment gets over in few minutes. Such businesses include lawyers and other blue and white- collar professionals. This causes problems to the clients as they have to pay the fees for the time which is actually not been utilized.

A time-based token system is something rather different because the most recent time-based currency attempt, was developed as far back as 1991.

MIN might turn the tables with a time-based cryptocurrency. Since it pays people in hourly wages, compared to regular freelance websites such as Upwork that support payment in Bitcoin and PayPal.

Recently, freelancing and contracts have become very popular among people due to increasing career diversity and with cryptocurrency also gaining popularity, MIN has perhaps put the right industries together for the future of freelancing and contract jobs.

MIN is a tokenized means of payment through which professionals, consultants and experts of every kind of variety will be able to charge for their time in a way that is flexible, transparent and also operates on a fair system. MIN could also be used as a system of reward for completing tasks and also for browsing.

This payment structure is based on blockchain which will ensure a flexible, transparent and fair system for both the freelancers and the clients. Freelancers will be rewarded for every minute they spent for the client and on the other hand the client also gets a clear picture of the results they get for which they pay for. MIN tokens will be used in the ecosystem to pay for the services offered on the platform.


The tokenized ecosystem of MIN will ensure that people get paid and they also get rewarded fairly and transparently for every minute’s worth of work or services that is placed in.

Time is not only one of the most valuable products known to mankind, but also one of the most versatile. The MIN platform uses a global approach to make payments fair, allowing project members to set their minute value and interact with other participants. Thus, the MIN platform approaches the time as the most valuable product, allowing you to measure, calculate the spent units and sell it.

Features of MIN

  • MIN Rewarding Engine

This engine is an online timekeeper which will help applications and social platforms to rewards the users for every minute they spend on their platform.

  • MIN Wallet

This is an online crypto wallet which enables the users to pay or receive payment for the services.

  • MIN as a Charge

A charging meter will be connected to the Min wallet which will be used to charge the clients based on the time until the service is concluded.

How it Works

The service providers on the MIN platform will set a fixed price per minute. When a client registers the platforms and gets connected with the MIN wallet he/ she can compare the service rates of other services providers and decide which one suits him/her best. After a client agrees to connect with a service provider, the client starts the charging meter. The meter also enables the user to check the progress and cost of the task at any time. The service provider or the client stops the meter as soon as the service is concluded. After completion of the service fund is transferred immediately to the service provider.

Why Choose MIN?

  • The ability to determine minute value.
  • The availability of an all-around fair play.
  • The presence of transparent rates.
  • Users will get rewarded for their contributions, and this will be valued by minutes.
  • Fluctuations can be fixed easily by users.

Benefit of MIN

MIN project guarantees a fixed token price, avoiding over payments from its customers. The choices that make it possible to use MIN projects are very broad, covering industries such as doctor services or translators, language courses and basic programming, configuration of mobile applications, marketing campaigns, etc. Thus, many previously discarded life moments will generate revenue for project users. In each task created, the counter starts, which allows you to estimate the amount of time actually spent.

Token and ICO Details

MIN tokens function as universal currencies that can be exchanged in applications and on third-party platforms. This is used to pay for time-based services and reward and provide incentives to users. As users increase their level of participation in the MIN ecosystem, and introduce new users, they will qualify for additional tokens, helping to strengthen the effects of platform networks.

The MIN Token will be launched on the Stellar platform, chosen for a user-friendly, decentralized interface trade exchanges for tokens, security, speed and low costs.

MIN transactions in the chain will be deleted in five seconds, and immediately when transferred off-chain in the MIN mobile application. Transaction fees can be ignored around $ 0.0000002, making the Stellar network ideally suitable for the MIN token utility.

Token Details

  • Token: MIN
  • Price: 1 MIN = 0.1 XLM
  • Bonus: Available
  • Bounty: Available
  • MVP / Prototype: Available
  • Platform: Stellar
  • Receive: XLM, BTC, ETH
  • Minimum investment: 300 XLM
  • Soft Cap: 300,000,000 MIN
  • Hard Cap: 6,000,000,000 MIN
  • Country: Ireland
  • Whitelist / KYC: KYC
  • Forbidden area: US, China

Token Allocation

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Road Map

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Author: JigaMola
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