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As the cryptospace continues to grow and new projects come up on almost a daily basis there is growing need for transparency, accurate information, and evidence on the viability of these projects. Presently, knowledge in the public domain attests that a substantial proportion of blockchain related projects and particularly those that have undergone ICOs have failed. This is attributable to wide range of factors but key among them poor execution of the project and hence failure to meet the goals as outlined in the roadmaps. As such, it has become particularly important for investors to be cautious while making investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general. This is because a large proportion of investors lack the knowledge to dissect projects, analyse teams or even to ascertain the authenticity of the claims made in the white paper. More so, even if these investors have the knowledge and expertise to analyse and make risk assessment for blockchain projects they may lack the time, resources, and in depth research required to make informed decision. On the other hand, there are multiple genuine cryptocurrencies and ICO projects that have viable products, and world class teams that have the ability to execute the vision and deliver revolutionary solutions within the space and this is where DONOCLE fits in and they have developed a global LOTTO project with more than 50 types of coins and tokens that are utilized on blockchain-based lottery-draw method and prize, which are impartial and transparently revealed to maximize the fairness.

What Exactly is Donocle?
DONOCLE is a Global Lottery(LOTTO) project that utilizes more than 50 kinds of Crypto coins and tokens on Blockchain based Lottery Drawing System and Transparent Lottery Prize to provide maximized Fairness.
Lottery Business that was restricted to specific region(countries, institutions) is now enlarged to Global Business as Global Lottery.
Transparent, Trustable Decentralized Management System based on Blockchain Technology.

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The Lottery Industry is evolving on the help of Cryptocurrency, and our transparent and standardized system will lead the market.
DONOCLE Team trusts that Blockchain Industry will be linked with our real economy and they will construct a secured project with their experience in Online Game and Mobile Game market. Game Entertainment & Standardization of Global Lottery System .
Experience in Blockchain Platform development plus Experience in developing and managing Global Online Lottery
(Lotto, Sports Toto, Betting) Solution plus Developed and managed Global Online Game & Mobile game.

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Players often complain about lack of transparency in several centralized lottery platforms. Many new players do not play online lotteries because there are frequent cases of rigging. High commission charges also deter many new players from coming into the system.

However, Donocle ensures that the entire process is fair and transparent. It also charges low commission, hence winners have the opportunity to maximize their earnings. Donocle fast-tracks the payment of prize money to the winners, where they can also track its movement in real-time.

The Lottery Process

Donocle uses an easy interface and allows players from all parts of the world to participate in this online lottery. After buying tokens, each of the players is given a unique six-digit number that is generated by the BTC counter. To ensure transparency, all the players are informed of the number of coins issued, sale number, and the price of the sale. These figures are updated regularly as the sale progresses forward.

Purchasing the Lottery tickets

Users visit the Donocle platform, create a wallet, and later view their dashboard. On the dashboard, the player‘s numbers are marked. Prices of these tickets are determined the same way as the BTC market price is arrived on the cryptocurrency exchange.

The advantages of this project:

The Effective Raffling Process
The raffling process is initiated when the users purchase lottery tickets using any of the 50 types of tokens currently available on the zone. Consequently, users are offered with a six-digit number from the BTC nonce that is considered as a raffle number. In the end, the total coins paid out to lottery winners are distributed based on the winning ratio. Additionally, the number of coins issued, sales number, and prices are disclosed to the buyers to ensure trust and transparency. As sale progresses, these numbers are regularly updated.

Proof-of-Stake System — Offering Reliability and Security

To ensure secure profit allocation, Donocle has integrated Proof-of-Stake system. POS allows an individual to validate a block transaction as per the coin numbers that he/she holds. Therefore, with the increase in coin possession, players have more opportunities to generate wins/profits.

Additionally, Donocle’s Airdrop is a feature that offers users with the opportunity to earn steady returns. Users can deposit their tokens in the Proof-of-Stake system and receive regular incentives for the same. Airdrop funds are accumulated in the form of coins/tokens that were used to acquire lottery tickets on the platform. By the end of each session, the platform collects cryptocurrencies in the form of crypto coins/tokens, Donocle tokens, or MIB coins. Donocle allocates 10% of these overall funds for Airdrop. Therefore, when users hold tokens in the POS system, they get Airdrop incentives based on the POS proportion.

About The Technology
The Donocle platform uses the Donation Global Blockchain Lottery System. The DGBLS integrates blockchain with the Global Lottery System (GLOS), a system that is used by many operators in sports. The SmartX Blockchain Platform is easy to use, inexpensive, and lightweight as it uses the Blockchain Hash Algorithm. Other conventional platforms use the GPU or ASIC software that does not give the players a great experience. The Donocle B System rides the Blockchain Donation Direct Transfer System. The advantage of this technology is that it transfers funds to the beneficiaries in a safe and transparent manner.


DONOCLE is an Online Lottery System that utilizes Bitcoin and other Altcoins as commodities.

DONOCLE project is based on MIB Blockchain Platform, and we increased safety and credibility through the combination of C/S environment and Blockchain rather than putting Blockchain and any business together.

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Types of Games

There are two main types of games played on Donocle :-

Mini Lotto- It is played at 0:00 hrs UTC every day. Users select 5 digits from the right side excluding the first two digits of the Nonce value.

Superball- This game too is also played at 0:00 UTC every day. Users

Token and ICO Details




TOTAL ISSUE - 600,000,000
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