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About eLYQD

eLYQD is a hierarchical water-based ecosystem that will become the base for all industries. One of the main features of QUALITY is the use of blockchain technology, which makes it the most transparent, open and secure platform that allows both parties to reduce transactions and business costs and streamline the purchasing process. eLYQD is a platform that allows industry players to create the most advanced e-commerce technology and ensure community freedom. Optional and paid options for LYQD products with tokens, fiat, or electronic money.

eLYQD is a stage intended to empower organizations to make an online store that can utilize the most trendsetting innovations in the field of web predicated business. Token, Fiat or Crypto mazuma. One of the key highlights of eLYQD is the utilization of the blockchain innovation, which makes it the most straightforward, open and secure stage workable for the two accumulations to diminish exchange costs and diminish costs. rearrange. acquiring process.

In elyQD biological systems, brands, shoppers, judges, wholesalers, and shippers categorically communicate with one another. Exchanges are given by LYQD and in this manner, they are expeditious, secure and straightforward. No middle people subsist in customary environments. eLYQD will preserve every one of the qualities generated by the network in the biological community.

The Blockchain Platform

eLYQD makes the ecumenical blockchain stage as a business opportunity for different electronic brands of hardware makers and vaping clients. The stage works without fringes on account of an eLYQD token that sanctions the on-request exchange framework to take care of cross-outskirt installment issues, value-predicated perils and access to information in peregrinate. vaping exchange items.
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In elyQD ecosystems, brands, consumers, judges, distributors and shippers directly interact with each other. Transactions are provided by LYQD, and are therefore fast, secure and transparent. No intermediaries exist in traditional ecosystems. eLYQD will preserve all the values ​​generated by the community in the ecosystem.

Benefits of eLYQD

The Elyqd showcase hopes to take care of the online business issues that influence the concerned members. Subsequently, this can have the accompanying positive ramifications for the accumulations.

• Capacity to appreciate low exchange charge when purchasing vaping items.

• A chance to pay with stage token, fiats and ETH.

• A chance to get the too extensive variety of vaping items.

• A comprehensive and simple to-utilize benefit.

• Corroboration of individual points of interest security amid exchanges.

• Focused estimating with the ecumenical commercial center.

• A decentralized and exceedingly straightforward looking into a framework for notoriety evaluations.

Benefits for Manufacturers

• Ecumenical market availability

• Opportunity to exchange distinctive scarcely items without utilizing middle people.

• Access to numerous online costumes.

• The probability of cross-showcasing without evolving stage.

• Moment and evident costumers reproval and replications.

• The critical showcasing cost decrease

• A proficient and thoroughly comfort moment installment framework that is anchored with low exchange charge.

Global solutions and eLYQD solutions

A variety of products - expensive or not available

Cross border payments for goods

Check or reject payments

Notes and security

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Consumers have access to brands from around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever they are.

The LYQD card allows users to send and receive payments worldwide in minutes, eliminate default risk, and a very small portion of the total eWiseQD network will facilitate the transfer of funds directly to the deposit account. All components can manage escrow accounts through smart contracts.

The elyqd archive application will make simple electronic recordings and store this data in a decentralized, decentralized, far more complicated network for hacking and leeches.

The Elyqd system will delete the hidden point. An eLYQD smart contract will (a) ensure transition continuity and (b) keep records in accordance with the actions taken by all components.

eLYQD requires verification of orders, actual transaction time / location and undeniable hashes of all steps taken from orders, payment of shipments.

The eLYQD network will record all transactions, positive actions to improve the user's reputation. The risk of a negative rating motivates all parties to be honest. The hierarchy based on the ELYQD block chain will be the basis for future generations of peer-to-peer (P2P) applications to support and record all component interactions in the value chain with confirmation of completion. and stay at every step.

eLYQD Electronic Coding

In elyQD, brands, buyers, arbitrators, merchants, and shippers communicate straightforwardly with one another. Exchanges are given by LYQD and are hence expeditious, secure and straightforward. No go-betweens subsist in customary vaping environments. eLYQD will hold every one of the qualities generated by the network in the biological system.

eLYQD Utility Token

Installments inside the eLYQD environment will be affected in the framework's own crypto-tokens—eLYQD, ERC20-consistent. The capacity of the token will be to remunerate clients for dynamic utilization of the biological community and commitments to its advancement (rewards incorporate a few sorts of crypto-recompenses, faithfulness, advancements).
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eLYQD Team
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