Good day everyone, I don't know how many people still believe in the word TRUST. Well, many people feel no one is to be trusted on earth. But the big question is
If we can not trust, how then do we move forward? If we can not trust how can we believe?
As we all know, cryptocurrency is all over the world now.We have seen various ICO's and much more is still to come. But let me tell you about one unique one that attracted me which is the SERATIO ICO
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Seratio is a project developed by the world center of citizenship, entrepreneurship, and management. Their activities are aimed at developing crypto-space and building trust relationships with customers. Fraudulent schemes with ICO have undermined the credibility of both investors and the authorities, and undoubtedly the users themselves. The fear of being deceived or involved in activities not permitted by law scares people and hampers the development of the entire crypto-space. It is the non-commercial activities of CCEG that satisfy the needs of the market as a sustainable platform that can be relied upon since the company has established ties with the government around the world.

The concept of Seratio will enable users to see the value and impact that they have on the network, and most importantly, to obtain from the projected profit through various methods. The platform allows you to earn both organizations and individuals.
SER will function as an auxiliary currency for the developing Seratio community. This will contribute to the release of unusual coins, reflecting the specific values of specific people who would soon be able to become tokens. For example, a token embodying the United Nations. Or, for example, a female token, a token of faith and a leader's coin. The release of Seratio Alt-Coins will accelerate the adoption of the SER platform, as a result of which the community will develop.
Seratio already trust!
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The Seratio Enterprise Blockchain Platform is an all-in-one blockchain environment (platform) that enables beneficiaries to keep track of the value and impact they make, and most importantly profit from it in many different ways. The platform allows entities (whether individuals, companies, organisations, institutions, etc) to earn, transact, spend, trade and monitor their digital assets. Precisely, our vision for the Seratio blockchain platform is to unite and manage under three key themes:

  1. Cryptocurrency (financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
  2. Tokenised Currency (non-financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
  3. Provenance (both financial and non-financial assets) traceability recording and tracking.

The Seratio Project is a trust in the cryptocurrency market and we are here to describe it more closely to you. A new project that uses the state-of-the-art block chain technology. No less important is that the project uses the Ethereum network, with ERC 20 compatible tokens. It should be noted that it is all transparent, and that kind of system makes the floor ideal for users. I dare say that this kind of way is better for users because all the actions on the platform are visible and public, so there is no doubt who and who. The platform is designed to allow you to have smart deals and use a Seratio token that will run the platform. CCEG or the Center for Civic Entrepreneurship and Management has been established in the UK and is associated with the largest academic networks across America, Europe, and Asia. They had the goal of developing something that I would call a circular economy and the basics of their values in value. The platform enables users to track values so that they can earn profits and profits in a timely manner in a variety of ways.
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CCEG is the world's leading thinker of value movements. Founded in the UK with an academic network across Europe, Asia and America, we have developed a vision for a Value-based Circular Economy. Since 2011, our experts have provided financial and non-financial metrics that support global law and have been recognized internationally as a standard.

Seratio tokens
Seratio Token is a digital token that provides Ethereum standard features including normal intrinsic asset transmission capability in normal service Crypto token tokens that enable additional future functionality in development: capture, transactions, and non-financial value expenditures. This will enable us to create an economy that distributes financial, or non-financial, or mixed value, in which people can depend on others.
ICO details
Pre-ICO Details

Start: 15th September 2017
15th September 2017 – 50% Discount
18th September 2017 – 40% Discount
21st September 2017 – 30% Discount
24th September 2017 – 20% Discount
27th September 2017 – 10% Discount

ICO Details

Start: Sunday 1st October 2017
End: 31st October 2017
Accepting: BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, [UK£, US$, EU€ (FIAT Money)]

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Well for every reader thanks for reading, But it is greater gain to invest in this nice project.
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Whitepaper: Token 2017-30 Whitepaper 6 0 (14 September 2017) v 6-20.pdf
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