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The Sharpe Capital Investment Platform is a mélange of innovations in smart contracts, quantitative trading, machine learning, linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence. Primarily, they are issuing Sharpe Utility Tokens (SHP). SHP assures a proof-of-stake that permits platform participants to earn rewards in Ether in exchange for providing sentiment toward global equities, using our web and mobile platforms. Users are rewarded in proportion to the accuracy and usefulness of the sentiment they provide.

SHP tokens also provide a mechanism to hedge funds and institutional investors to use the proprietary models.
By the use of blockchain technology, SHARPE CAPITAL gives two more benefits: creates a decentralized, ‘trustless’ immutable trade ledger, eliminates any dependency on trust for fund disbursement.
It completely eliminates corruption in global financial markets while still protecting the individual as well as corporation’s proprietary information.
Also, it has completely eliminated financial malpractice through widespread adoption of trustless ledger technology, putting an end to ’man-made’ economic disasters.
How Does It Work?
Firstly, as an affiliate, you must make contact with us to declare your interest in our affiliate program and to provide us with your Ethereum address. Once you have made contact, we will verify your identity and white-list your Ethereum address for receiving SHP bonuses via our smart contract. Investors referred to us by you should include your Ethereum address in the transaction data when contributing to our token crowd-sale. The address will be checked against our white-list and, if valid, you will receive a referral bonus in accordance with the tiers below.
Reward Tiers
White-listed affiliates that refer investors to the Sharpe Capital token crowd sale will earn SHP proportionate to the amount contributed by the investor. The amounts will be tracked in ETH, with the values set upon pre-sale launch. Table 2 describes the tiers pegged to USD at the time of the transaction, conducted in ETH. Table 2: Table of Reward Tiers Deposit (USD Nominal) Minimum Maximum Commission (%) 0 20k 3% 20k 50k 4% 50k Dynamic Ceiling 5% For example, Alice is an affiliate who refers Bob to our crowd-sale event and Bob contributes $30,000 USD. SHP will be distributed at a rate of 2,000 per 1 ETH. If we assume 1 ETH = $250 USD, Bob would normally receive 240,000 SHP. However, by using our affiliate program Bob will earn a 1% bonus and Alice qualifies for a tier 2 referral payment of 4%. Bob will now receive 242,400 SHP and Alice receives 9,600 SHP.
Sharpe Capital has created a quantitative trading model that will use market changes, as well as take into account the microeconomic principles. This model is divided into 4 main components:
Machine learning
Linguistic analysis
The feeling of the crowd
Consistency analysis
Machine learning
This is a program that will improve the algorithm for recognizing and classifying market models. Will try to predict the dynamics of asset prices based on the main economic indicators and the linguistic analysis of machine learning to predict investor sentiment.
Linguistic analysis
The program integrates cognitive behavioral science, psychology and decision theory into the analysis of data flows in the present tense, derived from social networks and news.
Crowd Sourced Sentition (Crowd Sentition)
Sharpe Capital initially plans to create a token, Sharp Utility Token (SHP), which people can get on exchanges or through ICO. After that, SHP owners will be able to express their opinions, feedback on the news that will be shown through their platform.
Consistency analysis
Sharpe Capital will evaluate all three of the above sources to create a consistency analysis that will inform its portfolio manager AI. In this portfolio there will be a list of price forecasts for thousands of assets in several time zones.

ICO Sharpe Capital
For 1 ETH it will be possible to buy 2,000 SHP tokens.
For each 2000 SHP, an additional 2000 SHP is issued as a reserve for future fundraising, and another 1,000 will be distributed to the founders and members of the Sharpe Capital community for the future development of a platform for the overall distribution of 5000 SHP per 1 ETH.
The goal of Sharpe Capital is to raise $ 60 million.
Their preliminary sale will start on Monday, October 9, 2017, at 14:00 BST (GMT + 1) with the purchase of at least $ 10,000.
In conclusion, I want to say that Sharpe Capital is an excellent company, the concept of which will make a revolution in the world financial markets.
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