In 2008, well-known to all known associates of the cryptocurrency community Satoshi Nakamoto created a groundbreaking Blockchain technology, which was used to perform operations related to the virtual currency Bitcoin originally. This technology helped to resolve the complications connected with the absence of trust between the individuals of economic transactions, to forego centralized administration systems, as well as to make sure the comprehensive protection of digital resources.

Over the period, this technology has inspired many developers to create decentralized applications, alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin, just because well just because allowed to develop new tasks that improve the whole life of humanity.

Nevertheless, despite most of the over, Blockchain technology usually is not provided and perfect certain disadvantages, which include:

  • Low speed of operations, resulting in network congestion;
  • Hard forks that divide the arranged community and reduce network protection by 20 percent;
  • The complexity of creating new dApps for Blockchain and to be lacking their optimization.

All of the over drawbacks of contemporary Blockchain technology shall solve a new network called HetaChain.

Task objective
The primary goal of the developers is to create a new generation network, characterized by high performance and the possibility of using the brand-new technology on an industrial scale. Also among the goals of HetaChain developers can be to offer the probability of using decentralized applications, characterized by high protection, transparency and high velocity of procedures in such areas as:

  • Robotics;

  • IoT;

  • Health;

  • E-commerce;

  • Bank sector;

  • Industry.

Concept of operation
Centered on the problems of the Blockchain technology utilized today, the developers chose to make a HetaChain, characterized by relieving of make use of, user-friendly graphical interface, high performance, and ease of application creation. The new technology will end up being a blend of sources located both inside and outside the string in purchase to decrease the pounds of transactions and boost the quickness of functions.

Also, the developers decided to create an entirely brand-new consensus algorithm, which is the heart of the technology. It offers an immediate influence on throughput, functionality, and scalability. The new consensus algorithm will combine the best qualities of BFT and dPoS. Hybrid formula HetaChain will differ in the pursuing features:

A new stop is created every 0.5 seconds, but only one grasp node can create a new block;

There are 33 master nodes in the network that are responsible for verifying transactions;

The primary nodes are driven by charging coins or voting, whereby the central nodes might vary depending on the choice of network members;

Each known member of the network provides the correct to the election;

After voting, the central node gets the best to create blocks in a certain period;

From the list of primary nodes, a node is randomly selected to confirm that the primary node has built the neighborhood, which guarantees decentralization;

As longer just because the grasp node does not create blocks within 1 hour, it is deleted automatically, which ensures smooth procedure of the network and the exclusion of untrusted nodes.
It is essential to be aware that the dPoS and BFT consensus protocol will end up being used not just in the primary network, but in private also.

To allow conversation between personal stores and the primary Blockchain, HetaChain shall make use of the Bridge Process, which is focused on supporting private systems send their pads for inspection. For such providers, each personal network or its member shall pay a fee using Heta coins. The amount of the transaction fee will depend on the number of blocks to be transferred directly.

The HETA coins, which will become the primary means of payment in HetaChain, will be rewarded to users involved in block checking or participating in the consensus algorithm. The amount of remuneration of users shall directly depend on how very much effort they possess produced in this process.

It will end up being possible to purchase HETA cash during the ICO, as well as after its finalization in the crypto-currency exchanges.
Times and information of the ICO.

In total, the developers plan to issue 60 billion bridal parties, of which 30 percent shall be marketed during private product sales and 40 percent - during general public sales.

For November 11 this calendar year of begin in the community product sales is scheduled.

There is no other information about the ICO.

Structured on the fact that HetaChain can offer the world with a better version of Blockchain and offer more and more friendly and intuitive interface, the probability of success of this task can be very high.
One of the advantages of this task, distinguishing it all from competition, is a hybrid consensus criterion that provides a lot of benefits, such as seeing that great purchase quickness, scalability and much more.

Furthermore, this task programs to make another industrial revolution, thus trading in its advancement in an early stage may bring considerable income.



Website: https://heta.org/

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5043007

Whitepaper : https://heta.org/docs/HetaChain_whitepaper_en-ver-1.0.pdf

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hetachainofficial

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Heta_org

Telegram : https://t.me/Hetachain_Community


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