The BurstIQ Platform (http://www.burstiq.com/biq-token-crowdsale/) stores, manages, transfers and analyzes large, complex data sets by combining three core capabilities:
✓ an innovative approach to securing data through extended blockchain constructs,
✓ complex data rights management using smart contracts and dynamic permissioning, and
✓ machine intelligence to empower continuous learning.
The platform consists of three distinct service levels: Secure Data Grid, LifeGraph, and Ecosystem.

Data about you, what you do, how you feel, where you live, what you eat is the driving force behind person-centric health. Corporations want to own it, researchers want to study it, and every day, companies are finding new ways to collect more of it. Hackers know it’s valuable too; 1 in 4 security breaches are health-related, creating a multibillion dollar black market for health
data and a multibillion dollar economic remediation burden for health providers.

Secure Data Grid:
Securely managing, protecting, and sharing large, complex data sets cannot be done by simply exposing an interface to existing legacy systems. Such “data warehouse” models are unable to manage complex permissioning, secure and traceable data transfers, cross-system data integration, and a number of other essential functions. A truly universal health data platform must provide end-to-end data rights management, secure data storage, an indisputable chain of custody and advanced security techniques for the data. Maintaining individual privacy throughout all levels of the platform is paramount. BurstIQ’s Secure Data Grid addresses the specific data security, flexibility and cross-domain extensibility of a user’s data. This layer of the BurstIQ platform leverages blockchain, data cloaking, sharding and encryption services to securely manage data objects and stores. Data verification proofs are easy to share and direct access to data is easy to provide with the platform’s layered security access model. Data cloaking provides an additional layer of security that scatters and encrypts data packets across a nodal framework. The Secure Data Grid utilizes open source data management tools to ensure that data access is seamless and interoperable.

The LifeGraph sits at the heart of the BurstIQ platform. The average American adult has, on average, 16 doctors over their lifetime, and data from these and other health interactions is spread over a myriad of different, non-coordinated systems. This is the core challenge that BurstIQ seeks to solve. Therefore, it is fundamental to the BurstIQ platform that users are able to construct and manage data across different domains. Managing data sets across different domains is enabled through BurstIQ’s who can access their information.

The BurstIQ platform includes a purpose-built platform service layer to facilitate development of third party products and services that leverage the underlying data and technology. These service layer solutions can be highly diverse, from deep learning tools to business analytics to chain of custody management to clinical research solutions. Solutions can range in complexity from a data processing engine to a fully formed front-end UI that provides a full stack application using the platform protocols. Organizations and individuals can partner with each other and with data owners to create new business opportunities, design new care models, test research hypotheses, and optimize business operations. Together, these partnerships and solutions define the Ecosystem.

Website: http://www.burstiq.com/biq-token-crowdsale/
Whitepaper: http://www.burstiq.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/BurstIQ-whitepaper_19Jul2017reduced.pdf