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Influencer marketing is a popular recent advertising trend in which brands are promoted by popular social media figures. They are often seen as more “human”, spontaneous and relatable than distant celebrities, and some advertisers have already made good use of those qualities. However, this is still a new and haphazardly organised field that can create many unexpected difficulties for both brands and those who wish to profit from promoting them.

Structuring the impact on marketing campaigns is not so simple. Actually, it is hard work and small details and important budget strategies for effective campaigns. The best strategy, of course, is to create a friendly online campaign for customers. The messages must be in accordance with the public opinion of the influential people and the language used must be respected so that the products and services are not approved. However, finding factors that match the impact on the products that can communicate the message naturally and adapt to the budget can be a tedious and tedious task that can cause large losses if not done correctly. This last cost factor can often be one of the main obstacles to the process of creating an impact campaign. With increasing exposure, the rates they use increase and, often, do not correspond to actual coverage and participation costs. For the influential people that are brands and advertising agencies, that is also a challenge. Nowadays, many companies and software help to increase the visibility of the influencers, but the criteria to classify the influences are often incorrect and incorrect.

Inflr Blockchain is the first platform that connects advertisers with influential people with the algorithms of the “Effect Effect Effect” and focuses on creating digital marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, which allows them to compensate for the real value of their influence. With the advent of the Internet and digital media, passive consumers have become active participants, which can cause a great interaction with the opinions expressed in tweets, to participate in live broadcasts involving brands.

Inflr is focused on creating digital marketing solutions using the latest technology for micro-influencers. The believe is that all micro-influencers should have the opportunity to participate in an exchange that stimulates the creation of high-quality advertising content and allows digital influencers to be compensated for the true value of their influence.

Inflr will provide advertisers with automated and user-friendly campaign management options and analytics, which will be generated in real time. Third-party developers will be able to use the platform's APIs to create apps that could accept Inflr as payment or offer it as a reward. Inflr Hubs in the company's regional headquarters will provide a shared workspace and venue for events and training for the platform's influencers and guests. Influencers will be able to use their facilities and equipment to create and edit professional-grade photo and video content.


For Influencers

  • Ease of Communication

Inflr allows influencers to receive a briefing from advertisers on the content they will create, then send it to the advertiser for approval without leaving the platform environment.

  • Publications Control

Once approval is received from the advertiser, the influencer publishes the content. After the post’s the minimum period of permanence has passed, the advertiser is automatically charged.

  • Remuneration for Influencers

Influencers may choose to be compensated with local currency or Inflr Coin. If the influencer chooses to redeem their payment in local currency, payment will be made within 48 hours. Payments redeemed as Inflr Coin will be immediately processed, creating an extra incentive for the use of Inflr Coin.for the use of Inflr Coin.

For Advertisers

  • Search for Influencers

Advertisers will be able to do a complete search of influencers, by gender, location, behavior, social networks, and post value, among other criteria.

  • Campaign Creation

Through an intuitive interface, advertisers will be able to create campaigns with customizable format and content, with their preferred social networks and forms of remuneration (money or barter/exchange).

  • Payments and Security

The platform has several payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Inflr Coin and the post-paid model.

  • Reports

The Platform provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand analytics reporting with all the metrics needed to analyze campaign effectiveness, profitability, and enhancement possibilities.


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For Advertisers

Inflr charges no montly prices to register and use the platform,just preserve your Inflr Coins.Inflr accepts several strategies of price, along with its very own cryptocurrency that is Inflr Coin.This guarantees now not simplest the profitability of the investment, however also allows the charge of influencers global.

The Inflr platform has a entire search with extra than 10 filters to find the right influencer on your marketing campaign.Inflr market makes it easy to create a marketing campaign with a fully automatic and intuitive device.Inflr has an intelligent set of rules that determines a coherent price for the remuneration of the influencers primarily based on their reach and engagement.

Intermediated with the aid of the Inflr platform,the influencer is only remunerated after campaign approval by means of the advertiser,making sure security in the payment system for each aspects.The platform has a entire measurement system so the advertiser can gauge the effectiveness of posts.

For Influencer

Influencers that choose to use Inflr Coins will have access to various benefit levels, including:Additional Functions

In addition to accepting campaign invitations, influencers, also cardholders, can also actively participate by contacting brands to submit promotional and copyright suggestions. .

Early access to the platform

To use the platform, influencers need to have a minimum number of followers in each social network. However, if the influencer does not have a minimum number of followers, he or she can pay for early access by earning the required amount of Inflr coins.

Billing for services on the platform

Infr Coin is a payment method that allows direct delivery of tokens, which makes financial management more flexible. It will also provide some benefits for advertisers, such as tax breaks and tax breaks for campaign costs.

INFLR is an ERC20 standard token utility that will give token owners the ability to access the Inflr platform with its many features and unique data on influencers and brands. Inflr Coin plays a key role within the Inflr ecosystem and is designed to balance the interests of all token owners, creating incentives for everyone to actively participate in the token economy.

Inflr Coin Information and ICO Details

  • Token Ticker: INFLR
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Total Token Supply: 500,000,000 SLNT
  • Tokens for sale: 140,000,000 INFLR
  • Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Fiat
  • Token Price: 1 INFLR = 0.00025 ETH
  • Min. Investment: 500 INFLR
  • Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 25,200 ETH

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  • Vinta company starts Inflr platform development


  • Beginning of Inflr development with internal team


  • Launch of Inflr MVP for partner advertising agencies


  • Beta version of platform developed, fully functional and with limited access for some customers to test
  • Demo version released


  • Development of token integration and smart contracts on the Inflr platform begins
  • Registration of influencers released
  • Release of native apps on iOS and Android
  • Inflr beta version released in Brazilian market
  • Development of token integration and smart contracts on the Inflr platform begins
  • Creation of the office in the United States and expansion of services to the North American market
  • Development of new functionalities on Inflr


  • Construction of the 1st Inflr Hub in Sao Paulo, Brazil begins
  • Development of new functionalities on Inflr
  • Integration of the system with new social networks


  • Construction of the office in England
  • Inflr Platform expands services globally
  • Development of new functionalities on Inflr
  • Construction of new Inflr Hub in United States


  • Construction of the office in Japan
  • Development of new functionalities on Inflr.
  • Construction of new Inflr Hub in England
  • Construction of Inflr new Hub in Japan


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