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A large and global problem is that cities, companies and garages alike use varying software and hardware. Due to a lack of cooperation between the different parties, many parking spots remain unused and workload for developers, maintenance personnel and administrators is unnecessarily high. The lack of modern equipment such as Internet of Things devices, universal software systems and clear communication directly contributes to an increase in congestion and driver frustration as well as irregular pricing rates.

The biggest problem for drivers right now lies in searching and overpaying for parking spots. Not knowing where they can find available spots, the inability to select and reserve them ahead of time and the steady increase of inner-city congestion costs a lot in terms of time and money.

When congestion occurs, tailpipe emissions are four times higher than when the traffic flows smoothly. Moreover, congestion has been leading to a decrease in traffic speed which in turn leads to more emission and health issues. People in the U.K. are 64 times as likely to die of air pollution compared to Sweden and twice as much as drivers in the U.S.

The Parq platform has been created with the intention of dramatically improving outdated and ancient city infrastructures. The aim is to streamline day-to-day activities for anyone who finds themselves in the heart of busy cities. To prove beyond the shadow of a doubt the necessity of our platform, we are going to put it to the test by tackling the problems of the Parking and Transportation industry. First, we will revamp and expand our Minimum Viable Product (MVP): the Parksen Parking application. New features will in clude real-time information on traffic situations, congestion and, most importantly, a guidance system that helps drivers find the closest and most affordable parking spots near them.

Parksen is an easily adoptable Green, Smart and Connected City Platform that is accessible through a public API and runs entirely on the existing Parksen Parking Cloud. By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, the IOTA Tangle and our own PARQ utility tokens, we will offer a variety of solutions and smart contracts that will directly benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders within urban metropolises and smaller cities.

Parksen offer clear, universal API’s and dashboards for companies, parking garages, municipalities, maintenance workers, emergency services and consumers. By offering everyone the same service, which runs entirely on the Parksen Parking Cloud, we ensure that all included parties can cut out the middleman that drives up their margins, thus guaranteeing reasonable and affordable rates across the board. These API’s and dashboards will be connected to a variety of smart city solutions which will focus and rely heavily on IoT integrations and smart car technology. The collection of traffic related data will allow our app and platform to provide our users with a constant stream of accurate and real-time situations in the streets, while local governments and municipalities can use the data to fight congestion on a more.


The Parksen City Platform will use IoT devices, sensors, drivers, companies and municipalities to gather data and map out where the worst congestion takes place and which circumstances are causing it. This data will be used in the accompanying real-time Parksen parking app, which will then provide drivers of all kind (public transportation, emergency services, etc) with information on how to best avoid these areas. Information will also be shared with local municipalities so that they might structurally improve their city infrastructure.


  • Real-time Parking App

The Parksen parking app is made for drivers, and it allows them to reserve and pay for parking ahead of time, thus limiting their search and emotional duress. The app also shows them the fastest route to their destination and gives real-time information on local congestion.

  • Cloud Solution

The Parksen goal is to connect municipalities and companies to consumers and garages. Offering a one-size-fits all, easily adoptable and cloud-based platform, we ensure that these institutes do not have to depend on expensive third-party soft and hardware updates.

  • Green, Smart and Connected City Platform

The Parksen City Platform comes with a universal dashboard that tracks congestion, pollution, usage and condition of parking spots, status of connected IoT devices and sensors. It also includes a marketplace for green and smart appliances.

  • The PARQ Token

The Parksen own special token, usable in the app to pay and receive payment for parking actions, and also in the dashboard and marketplace to pay and receive payment for hard and software that will help your city, company or garage contribute to greener cities.


The Parksen parking app will be used by drivers worldwide to offer and obtain parking spots in advance, while the Parksen City Platform is going to be the driving force behind smart city innovation and green, sustainable initiatives. The PARQ token will be the payment method of choice for all parking activities and city development actions.


For Drivers

  • Real-time information: Always know where to find the closest available and most affordable parking.
  • Spend and earn PARQ: Share data on available parking, local traffic congestion and pollution levels to earn PARQ tokens.
  • Constant innovation: Directly benefit from IoT and other Smart Parking solutions as they are being developed and released.

For Providers

  • Enhanced services: Enjoy an effortless one-size-fits-all universal dashboard to manage your available parking spots.
  • Save time and money: Sustainable and smart IoT devices will save you energy, maintenance and repair costs all across the board.
  • Create smart cities: Get in on the ground floor of technological innovation within city development and transform your dumb city to a smart city.

Token Details

  • Token: PARQ
  • PreICO Price: 1 PARQ = 0.07 USD
  • Price: 1 PARQ = 0.08 USD
  • Bounty: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Soft cap: 15,000,000 PARQ
  • Hard cap: 19,500,000 USD
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC
  • Restricted areas: Myanmar, North Korea, Afghanistan, Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Lybia, Mali, Somalia, Syria, Zambia, Yemen

Token Distribution

  • Pre-Sale (5%)
  • Public Sale (20%)
  • Airdrop & Hodlers (5%)
  • Bounty Program (2%)
  • Charity Fund (1%)
  • Private Sale (3%)
  • Business Development (4%)
  • Founders & Team (5%)
  • App & Platform Development (15%)
  • Marketing (20%)
  • Smart City Project Fund (20%)


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  • Q1 2016: Development of the Parksen Cloud and Parking App
  • Q2 2016: Beta Testing of Parksen Cloud and Parking App
  • Q3 2016: First Round of Private Funding from Dutch Government & Investors
  • Q1 2017: Alpha Launch of Parksen Cloud and Parking App in the Netherlands
  • Q1 2017: Started Research for Green, Smart & Connected City Platform
  • Q2 2017: Hired Additional Team Members Towards ICO
  • Q1 2018: ICO Prep, Website, Smart Contract and Whitepaper Development
  • Q2 2018: Start of the Pre-Sale and Public Sale
  • Q4 2018: Setting Up Offices and Expanding Teams for Global Expansion
  • Q4 2018: Start Development of IoT Devices for Smart Parking Solutions
  • 2019: Start Development of Beta Parksen City Platform
  • 2019: Launch Beta of Parksen City Platform
  • 2020: Final Product Launch in Selected Cities
  • 2020: Global Release of Green, Smart & Connected City Platform


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