Sufferers interact directly or perhaps indirectly with all categorizations of environment users. For example, in addition to online consultations from doctors, individuals can as well buy drugs at an online pharmacy, pay for insurance procedures, transfer skilled personal data to exploration centers for an incentive.

Doctors and treatment centers participants
Doctors and treatment centers, as being well as patients, interact with other categorizations of participants found in the environment.

Insurance firms Position
Insurance corporations are thinking about obtaining accurate details about patient's wellness and possible reasons for his destruction of wellbeing. For insurance corporations, it is normally significant and required to receive reliable information about treatment strategy of a person.

Pharmaceutic companies Interacts
This category of users interacts immediately with the ecosystem that provides data for research and analysis. Pharmaceutic corporations as well can conduct campaigns to attract users to check innovative drugs as well as to accumulate responses on the utilization of specific medications.

E-commerce and Apollonia
Online pharmacies that offer their things through e-commerce Apollonia receive a high possibility to interact with an unlimited visitors, since medications and apparatus buyers are not just users of the ecosystem but persons who correctly order online drugs on a good regularly or perhaps one-time basis.

Medical Study Centers Behavior
This category of users is considering obtaining a large amount of medical data for research and analysis. Such companies interact predominantly straight with the ecosystem. Individual info, collected and organized by the environment, happen to be transmitted merely with the user's authorization to the exploration corporations upon getting. If info for analysis is shifted for a payback, afterward the info owner and the environment acquire a revenue.

Apollonia detailed Position article
Existing goods and services of Apollonia environment:

  • CRMs for cardiologists, dentists, and pediatricians;

  • Marketplace for connections of doctors and clients;

  • Smart-contracts to assure measures to obtain and provide over the internet consultations;

  • Three-party smart-contract to offer approved prescription drugs.

In the stage of development:

  • A great request that helps to locate a respectable doctor, hospital or a defibrillator;

  • Software industry and CRM applications;

  • Marketplace advancements;

  • Cardio-shirt that details respiratory and center fee, define lungs ventilation ability, options depth of physical activity and rails sleeping peacefully found in real time

Marketplace Size Estimation
Instead of competing with a lot of officials of low-profit markets of the regarded, a latest useful business idea of the project will create a fresh require for a new industry (the "blue ocean") where generally there is nearly no competition, and the demand is not repulsed but established.

This strategy will permit the project to have high popularity, rapid growth, and high Profitability. The universality of the program allows it to get affiliated with different types at the same time.
Since the ecosystem will contain its repayment system, it can be called a current market and attributed to the e-commerce industry. Even so, this task is indeed not a common trading platform but refers to an online therapeutic marketplace of merchandise and products and services. The over the therapeutic internet industry can become analyzed in the portions many of these as telemedicine, therapeutic tourism, pharmaceutical drug business, medical insurance, controlled analysis, etc. Consider primary talked about above markets globally bringing into bank account countries of most essential interests of the project.
In 2018, new medications have entered the global pharmaceutical industry which is faster than ever before. In the past few years, pharmaceutical businesses contain expertly researched their goods in some beneficial land and investors support firms when it considerations overall health provider.


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