Hello my friend, Good news for you. Today i discuss about apollonia medical ico. this ico can be a good option for investment.

Time in and day out a lot of individuals are attempting to find remedies to the issue and challenge in the healthcare sector, but it appears to be worse all the period. The stone and motorway of some of resolving these complications have got often failed but with the new period of the blockchain technology and the like people, today have reached for the cryptocurrency, combining the two will consider the healthcare sector considerably, and that's what The Apollonia ecosystem is usually all about. This is a dream come done and unprecedented for the ongoing health industry.

Apollonia is usually one environment which furnishes every sector member not merely with a chance to discover different associates and speak with them nevertheless with a significant cloud to shop furthermore, handle his information and other well-being related undertakings. What's even more, the framework has as of been coordinated into medicinal devices now.

The organization plans to produce its arm jewelry likewise, shoes, and chips.

In the training course of latest years, our group offers built up a platform for centers and their business method overseeing and realized it in a few essential therapeutic businesses. We began from the most demanded restorative zones, for example, cardiology, pediatrics, dentistry.

Be that seeing that it might, besides the problems related with customer related issues entirely; now there are concerns about a customer details protection.

The HIPAA, the GDPR and the PIPA are for the most component recognized concepts to capability, process, and exchange of individual restorative information, as per which the whole specialized engineering of the job is usually produced.

That is the great cause when building up the specialized executive of our task, we paid the most significant concern not exclusively to the protection of personal information yet in addition to the factors of curiosity of positioning apart the whole restorative background, which may involve many gigabytes of memory space due to the substantial size of X-beam pictures, X-ray, and thus on.

Market Complications APOLLONIA Attempts TO ADDRESS
There are numerous challenges in the healthcare industry, but below some essential types the Apollonia ecosystem seeks to address;

  • Discontinuity of restorative information in several frameworks

  • The absence of therapeutic info display


  • Systematization of data in a solitary

  • The incorporated marketplace of therapeutic information

Below are some special gives you may advantage from the Apollonia environment.

  1. Provides customized musical instruments to every member of the therapeutic business;
  2. Gives the capacity to discover professionals, centers, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, corrective data;
  3. Guarantees the protected cooperation of customers;
  4. Ensures uniformity with assertions between customers through enthusiastic agreements;
  5. Gives quick and robust exchanges by Apollo gold coin, and also installing in any useful fiat cash Problems.

ICO starts on 15.11.2018
Name of Symbol: Apollonia Healthcare
Token Code: APOLLO
Total Source: 2 500 000 000 APOLLO
APOLLO Symbol Price: 1 APOLLO = 0.03 USD
Approved currencies: (BTC, ETH, BCC, EOS, ONT)

This can be what the healthcare industry provides been waiting around for and heading through the whitepaper I can state with a truth that this project is guaranteeing and a must invest. Above all, please try and get some additional information regarding it before spending and also know that the crypto marketplace is a volatile marketplace.

=>For more detailed information about the project, I recommend to visit the links below:

ICO NAME: Apollonia

Website: https://apollonia.io/

WhitePaper: https://apollonia.io/doc/en/whitePaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realapollonia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApolloniaHealthcare/

Telegram: https://t.me/ApolloniaOfficial

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