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Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges are the most popular and widely used platforms for trading cryptocurrencies

These exchanges have gained very big influence over the years. The centralised exchanges posses the ability to make or break blockchain projects, and usually, they are the only businesses that remain lucrative regardless of the level of volatility and instability that the cryptocurrency markets experiences.

The massive level of influence that centralised exchanges posses has led to serious unethical acts such as market manipulation and exploitations that emphasize exactly the reasons why decentralized exchanges are needed now more than ever.

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A very concerning information was revealed by a cryptocurrency Trader named Silvain Ribes, who believes that in excess of $3 billion of all cryptocurrency assets’ volume are fabricated and unreal, and that OKex, which is which is one of the largest exchange rated by volume is the main offender with up to 93% of its volume being fake.

Additionally, another crypto trader indicated that the NASDAQ stock exchange only request below $200,000 for listing mega projects, while a lot of centralised crypto exchanges are trying to charge more than $500,000 in listing fees - more so now that the crypto market is in depressing dip.

Cryptocurrency experts and many other people all over the internet are starting to share different bad stories about how centralised exchanges operates in the same corrupt manner as any regular centralized organizations that posses too much power and influence if they are left unchecked.

Thus, the need for decentralized exchanges like CRYPTONITY are greater than ever, and these organization must quickly replace and take the place of their centralized competitors in order to solve the industry problems that have become obvious to everybody.

How To Integrate The Community
CRYPTONITY blockchain project is a decentralized exchange platform of the future for trading cryptocurrency assets. The project is created to operate well with the community of users thereby establishing a phenomenon of family

Talking about a total decentralization of the market, the CRYPTONITY business model integrates several amazing features that support its philosophical beliefs. some of these features include the ability of users to trade with very low fees attached to their trading activities if they are holding the XNY token.

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The CRYPTONITY exchange has developed a reward system that reward its users with XNY token which is the original token of the CRYPTONITY platform.
The platform allow registered users of the community to participate in decision making during the ICOS listing or voting process and decisions concerning the management of exchange. A system of automatic reward is created which will be very transparent and since it's will make use of smart contracts.

The CRYPTONITY project takes Security of the exchange and the funds and assets of its users very important. The platform is built by experienced financial experts who have genuine knowledge of cryptocurrency and the market generally. Additionally, cryptonity has insured the exchange in order to guarantee the refund of traders' fund in case of hacks.

CRYPTONITY exchange is also designed with very unique and attractive interface that makes it to be user friendly. This experience is taken to a whole new level since the users can use fiat and cryptocurrencies to trade conveniently.

The cryptonity project is clearly a revolution in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, and this is obviously proven by the kind of partners and investments it has gathered so far early on in the project. Many of such partners include MasterDax, Quick X, CTB cointobe, Malta Blockchain Summit, Latoken etc.

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