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The world of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies is revolutionary. Blockchain has the potential to change the lives of people around the planet like few other technologies ever have. Hundreds if not thousands of projects with countless innovators are creating tools with this technology, Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. It is a secure and reliable system that allows data transaction between all kinds of institutions or individuals with the absence of a central authority. Powered by techniques of cryptocurrency, decentralized consensus, peer-to-peer network communication, blockchain prevents data from being tampered with or deleted. In promo marketing, utilizing blockchain technology allows users to make sure the information of a voucher or coupon cannot be modified or deleted once being published on the blockchain, enhancing the trust in the market system.

As every blockchain platform is focused on solving a unique problem, the ATOMIC WALLET PLATFORM emerges to create an ecosystem of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and a secure custody-free wallet which support more than 300 different coins/tokens.

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Virtually everyone is aware of the loss of billions of assets which happens in cryptocurrency exchanges. A lot of crypto investors and traders have loss fortune of money irrespective of been a novice or an expert. Most available cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized in a sense that they are completely owned by the single authority and operated and maintained at a single place and hence become an easier target for the hackers. Their data base is prone to cyber-attacks due to the fact that the activities are been saved on single database. These exchanges lack Transparency, trust and security putting investors and traders in high risks - investors losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because frequent DDoS-attacks, unable to instantly get access to funds because of the technical issues or technical works performing within an exchanging platform and many more. All of these gives sense of insecurity, inconveniences and endangering your assets

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The aforementioned problems are what the blockchain and cryptocurrency market is currently faced with and yet fails to solve. Being on the way to achieving its mass adoption, the industry is expected to solve these issues only with a fundamentally new approach based on the idea of decentralization of digital assets exchange. As a reaction to the current challenges of the industry, Atomic project was created - a convenient and versatile decentralized solution for the custody-free cryptocurrency trading. Atomic Wallet platform is based on a unique, proprietary engine, specially designed to solve its specific tasks.

In order to relieve the crypto traders from the problems which plague the market, ATOMIC WALLET team has industriously worked on it architecture. The onsite ATOMIC WALLET exchange matching engine has a phenomenal transaction processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000orders/second. ATOMIC WALLET users are spared from the trouble of waiting for their orders to get out of a queue which in some instances, can take days or even weeks to process. This platform offers all the services that a typical exchange provides such as spot trading, margin trading, anonymous instant exchange and decentralized exchange

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The platform provides many services that enables users to reduce the effort spent on managing cryptocurrency assets and makes it transparent and reliable. To make the platform even more convenient and useful for users, the Atomic Wallet team uses the best user interfaces and security techniques, which makes it easier to use the functionality of the Atomic Wallet platform in full.

Atomic Wallet is created to make day-to-day cryptocurrency usage more secure while bringing the best customer experience to clients by incorporating into its ecosystem the Atomic swap which is also often called cross-chain atomic swaps, meaning, two different cryptocurrencies that are present on different chains can be exchanged atomically without any trusted third party and there is no exchange/trading fess involved in this.

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As the platform takes the satisfaction of its users as the major priority, there might be users who won’t like to use the native atomic wallet exchange. The platform is thereby incorporated with two additional instant exchange which are shapeshift and changelly.

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  1. Shapeshift: Following the Atomic Wallet community vote, ShapeShift was selected as a default option for instant exchanges. The exchange is believed to be the fastest, most private, and most convenient way to swap digital currencies.

  2. Changelly: Popular cryptocurrency exchange providing the ability to instantly and seamlessly
    exchange over 90 altcoins at the best market rate it also provide the means to buy them using a bank cards. Changelly has attracted over 1.5M registered users from around the world.


The atomic wallet ecosystem has created a utility token built on the secure ethreum blockchain known as awc, this token will be the native token that will power the entire ecosystem of the atomic wallet and will also be used to incentivised the platform. The coin will not further be mined neither more will be created to increase its initial total supply of 100million AWC.


Token Symbol => AWC

Full Name => Atomic Wallet Coin

Token Type => ERC20

Network Type => ETHEREUM blockchain network

Decimals => 8

Total Supply => 100,000,000 AWC


35% of the total supply allocated to private pre-sale

30% of the total supply allocated to founders

30% of the total supply allocated to public sale

5% of the total supply allocated to bounty


40% Allocated to initial liquidity for market making

30% Allocated to software development

20% Allocated to marketing

5% Allocated to legal

5% Allocated to miscellaneous

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