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Since the emergence of blockchain technology in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin, there have been rigorous efforts to apply the blockchain to several aspects of the global business process, Blockchain technology has been described as having the potential to disrupt many industries with a low-cost transaction, immutability, and enhanced security. In the years that have followed, many other blockchain implementations have been developed with each one exhibiting unique features tailored to specific use-cases.

Blockchain has made it possible to issue just about any asset via a distributed ledger framework. With the aid of cryptocurrency tokens, these assets can be given economic value in order to initiate and validate several transactional processes. Several on-chain protocols have been developed by a number of startups and established companies alike in order to create blockchain-based solutions.


Decentralized Payment Processing

The payment processing framework for global commerce is based on a centralized system which requires the services of third-party authenticators. These third-party agents are responsible for ensuring the fidelity of the global payments system and they charge fees for their services. One of the fundamental philosophies behind the operation of the blockchain is the removal of these third-party agents and their associated cost of trust and replacing them with a robust, functioning distributed ledger payment framework.

Creating an Immutable System of Record

The blockchain is the first successful implementation of the distributed ledger framework. On public blockchains, the distributed ledger constitutes an immutable system of records that is available to all participants. The immutability of a blockchain ensures that it is tamper-proof.

Reducing Cost of Transaction

Payment processing remains the basic level of commerce but it is one that has not seen much in the way of evolution since the emergence of fintech protocols. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt commerce by causing a paradigm shift in the mechanism by which transactions are carried out. The fees charged by third-party actors and middlemen in the payment chain constitute a considerable portion of the cost of transactions. By eliminating the middlemen, the cost of transaction is materially diminished.

Enhanced Security

Operating on a multinational scale opens up any enterprise to the activities of hackers looking to breach the structural and functional integrity of the platform. Blockchain technology offers a robust security framework that makes it difficult for hackers to make an incursion into the platform. There is no central point of failure and hence no single point of entry for malicious digital attacks. This ensures the safety and security of the data collected by field agents and the payment processing network. that provides an accurate accounting for the entire platform.

As more technological advancements are uncovered, Crypto Duel Coin (CDC) a kind of cryptocurrency wherein it can be use in online game when you want to purchase an item, costumes, to level up your avatar, or even use cdc as a payment instead of buying gems or diamonds using dollars came on board.


Crypto Duel Coin (CDC) is a kind of electronic money in which you can buy games, update your avatar or even use cdc as part of the bar. Instead of buying gems or diamonds in dollars. You can also use the cdc in online games like online casinos, poker, dice, roulette, chess and other types of games on the table. Cdc can also be used to exchange declared gift rewards available on their future commercial site. You can also use it to buy the items you want in their commercial site later.

Crypto Duel Coin will develop many exciting games such as map, roulette, chess, table games and original games and build game sites where people from around the world can feel. by joining

The birth of new professional players

Current professional gamblers are earning money primarily through advertising costs such as YouTube. They can expect cash prizes at a gaming tournament, but they are not organized daily. In addition, receipt of cash bonuses is prohibited by law in some countries.

In the project Crypto Duel Coin, will offer greater value to win the game and create professional players in the true sense of the concept. Everyone can play a fighting game for “Crypto Duel Coin” on the online game site where Crypto Duel Coin is going to develop. “Crypto Dule Coin” can be exchanged in a reputable exchange.

Develop an internet shopping site

You can redeem the cards you won in the Crypto Duel Coin game with the gift items on the Crypto Duel Coin purchase site. Crypto Duel Coin also thinks of using on other shopping sites.

Mobile application development

Crypto Duel Coin plans to have its gaming site with mobile devices. This will allow you to play online games and win prizes everywhere. You can also do your work in your hotel or at the pool during your trip. This is the real professional player Crypto Duel Coin aims for.

Characteristics of Crypto Duel Coin

Fair game system and rules

You can redeem the cards you won in the Crypto Duel Coin game with the gift items on the Crypto Duel Coin purchase site.

Reward token for responsible online games

Crypto Duel Coin also plans to have its gaming site with mobile devices. This will allow you to play online games and win prizes everywhere.

Online gaming mechanisms are not confident, transparent and confident

Online gambling using tokens may have a more favorable legal position than cash, so Crypto Duel Coin can respond flexibly to each country’s regulations.

Produce a professional / professional player of the new era

Crypto Duel Coin applies the ERC20 which is easy to use for all and its wallet is widely available. Crypto Duel Coin aims to create an environment where people can participate from all over the world.


Fair online game system and rules

Token rewards for responsible online games.

Trustless, transparent and autonomous online games mechanism.

Produce a profession/professional gamer of the new era


Game Development:-It consist of highly experienced teams of programmers, website developers, project managers, Game architects, marketing specialists, and game developers.


we will have helpful professionally trained staff and equipment that can teach individuals how to buy, sell, invest, trade, mine & use cryptocurrencies.

Conference and events

We will also host conferences with international motivational cryptocurrency speakers, and cryptocurrency events and seminars giving awareness to the public on what is the future of cryptocurency.

Token Info

Name: Crypto Duel Coin

Symbol: CDC

Contract address: 0xec0dc71b3e5fc3f8ddfc655e800ae6d9b55f993f

Decimal: 18

Token supply: 75 000 000 000

Token Distribution

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Platform and game development 60%

Working capital 10%

Treasury 10%

Marketing 15%

Other 5%

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2018 (Promotion period)

Project start

Blockchain development

Whitepaper creation, presentation, and multilingual translations

Idea Conceptualization

Organization Formation, Technical study and survey

Organization Structuring, Market survey and brainstorming

Selfdrop announcement, Selfdrop campaign targeting social media

Internet promotion and airdrop promotion

2019 (Development period)

Website update, Members photo, Whitepaper, Partnering with manufacturers

Collaborations with technical advising partners

Internet of Things, Adaptive Intelligence and online game feasibility research and testing

Platform feasibility test, Outcome audit and code revision

Legal survey of each country

Exchange listing

Market recognition and expansion strategy, Exchange listing, Partnering with manufacturers, Industry tie ups

Proof of concept test, Patent process initiation

Centers review report and model revision, Community voting campaign, Reward protocol development

Meet The Amazing Team

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