Welcome dear readers, in this new article I would like to show the enterprise KARATCOIN. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrences, ICO … be that as it may, Arawtoken blockchain is the coolest, and for the finer elements, we’re heading to related topics:

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, when we see how society develops, from the social ancestors of the ancestors we have moved to an alternative social structure in the most modern world, where people work in a specialized way and can do as such in the global situation, from anywhere on the planet due to the approach of innovation and the Internet. Arawtoken is a vital stage in the Internet with the block the cash investors. Interpersonal organization KARATCOIN will be the most special and informal Crypto organization that will open up cryptographic fans at a typical stage and allow them to spread interest in data, including money-related data, without any vital updates.

Arawtoken is a unique service for fast and secure payments!
Crypto industry is firmly included in our lives, covering more and more of its spheres. New Internet technologies have contributed to the development of the cryptographic market. It is no secret that we are on the threshold of great changes that are taking place in the world of information technology. E — Commerce is growing rapidly-there are more and more companies that are ready to change traditional land-based stores to more modern online solutions. But there are a number of problems that do not allow users to easily and safely buy goods on the Internet. Centralized services do not allow you to correctly and quickly pay for your purchases, you have to look for intermediaries, pay commissions — all this is due to the huge time and financial costs. The decentralized Arawtoken platform is a unique solution for e — Commerce-the service is ideal for fast, secure payments.

Features Of Arawtoken :
A unique trading platform that is based on the blockchain — it allows customers to perform the necessary transactions without unnecessary fear. Scammers will not be able to get hold of inside information that is located inside the smart contracts. Creating a unique, universal e-wallet that will be used to perform all necessary transactions. The most prompt payments will allow users to save their time. Arawtoken users, who will regularly buy certain goods using the internal currency of the resource, will be able to count on a decent cashback. This system of incentives is aimed at attracting new customers. There is no need for special knowledge or skills to start using Arawtoken.

Universal mobile wallet:
The main purpose of the developers is to introduce a unique mobile wallet. It will be integrated into a decentralized platform to enable users to work quickly with cryptocurrency assets. The creators of arawtoken are confident that this approach will attract new customers. This wallet will have its own internal exchanger and the ability to monitor cryptocurrency rates.

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More information to explore :
Web — https://arawtoken.io/

Whitepaper — https://arawtoken.io/assets/araw_whitepaper.pdf?v1.11

Telegram — https://t.me/ArawTokenOfficial

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/arawtoken

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