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Alpha-X is an altogether new age cryptocurrency dependent on Scrypt having complete Proof Of Stake (POS) organize. The exchanges made over Alpha-X blockchain arrange are moment, nearly occur continuously, altogether unknown and private, likewise exceptionally secure, the entire activity happens over Alpha-X decentralized P2P organize self administered engineering. The rationale is to make it in the same class as virtual money (plastic cards) which can give ongoing liquidity and utility recommendation in the market. Alpha-X mission is to change the whole substance of utility tokens, by using blockchain innovation to defeat the recorded deficiencies of customary framework. At the point when this innovation will be joined with a natural easy to understand interface and gamification, another level of trust and eagerness will be made among the digital currency network and additionally external world to utilize and manufacture new certainty and energy for another period utility biological system.


From Marketing point of view, beginning from the plain little retailer to entirety worldwide market worth of trillions of dollars deals with very crucial twofold of marketing, DEMAND and SUPPLY.

As we as a whole know whether the Demand is more prominent than Supply, value rises. Else if vice-versa, it crashes. Consequently to keep up this harmony, even digital money ought to have liquidity to satisfy the supply, though an utility choices to create request.


In the current financial market, there are many digital money trading platform conventions which fluctuates in expenses per exchange, security, the cash permitted to trade, volume of business permitted and similarity with other existing conventions among different highlights.

The majority of the current conventions, in any case,confine the clients from executing over an extensive variety of stages and are exorbitant. Because of such challenges the end clients and business are still looking for:-

The least expensive approach to do cryptographic currency trade in the most secure condition.

The quickest execution (moment) or digital currency trade exchanges over numerous blockchain trade stages.

Expanded income and client selection with no topographical constraints. A convention that offers reasonable business exchange volumes for little and extending business

In the present digital currency trading community, to enlist another coin over digital currency trades, the coin proprietor should initially check and affirm regardless of whether the trade will acknowledge the sort of coin or not. Most trades are constrained just to a couple of number of digital currency coins. In the event that the trade acknowledges the specific kind of coin, it isn’t yet finished. The coin owner will be required to pay a few charges first for the adding procedure to begin.

It will then take somewhere in the range of 3 and 15 days timeframe for the coin to be effectively included. The entire procedure takes ages and is anguishing yet coin owner need to experience the dreary procedure because of the restraining infrastructure status of the digital currency trading market.

Most trades will charge between 1 ~ 25 bitcoins (BTC), starting at now proportional to approx. $10,000 ~ $250,000 relying upon the span of trade. This sum has no security. Some of the time the coin will wind up not being enlisted in the trade list with no assurance of cash back. The coin owner may wind up losing such an immense measure of cash.

Below are the normal issues with the vast majority of the Crypto Exchanges:

Insecure Platform:

Beginning from Mt.Gox there are hundreds more trades which get hacked till date causing loss of Billions of Dollars in digital money. Clients hard earned cash simply go vanish that way and client can’t do anything.

Awful Customer Service:

Lamentably everybody among us has experienced this. Its very excruciating also when you require help while your cash is in question and nobody is tuning in to you. Brokers are an alternate breed with regards to clients. Understanding the dealer mindset is imperative for running a fruitful trade. Cash is truly hanging in the balance.

Alpha-X have apportioned a financial plan of 25% from ICO and later wards from Organization yearly turnover to do staffing and bolster. Which means Alpha-X will have the greatest group for help. Alpha-X will also do endeavor level help and the issue would be settled on need and seriousness of the case.

Enormous Trading Fee:

The greater part of the trading platforms out there charges a significant enormous exchanging expense. Over that they keep it fluctuating. They charge you while storing, exchanging, withdrawal without fail. Presently you don’t need to stress over exchanging expense as the Aplha-X premium clients won’t get any exchanging charges for specified period

Poor Liquidity:

From a child exchanging for $100 to an expert or monetary agent exchanging for Billions, all get influenced if the liquidity isn’t well with the trade. Shallow order book influences the brokers record-breaking, which without a doubt make a tremendous misfortune to the merchants and they get disappointed from these shallow stages.

Having a shallow order book implies high slippage when exchanging, or, in other words costly for merchants. Alpha-X marketing team have been in both the financial and also the crypto industry for a long time and also has strategized the enormous markets. Likewise they have enormous liquidity along with them, which will help the Alpha-X and their order book won’t bite the dust ever.

Poor Technical Architect:

The Cryptocurrency market is new and henceforth numerous trades were composed toward the starting stage and rapidly too. At first it may have functioned admirably on account of less activity, however now with the expanding movement and foot falls on site, its very evident the framework won’t have the capacity to deal with the expanded load.

The frameworks are outlined by designers though they require budgetary foundation also to comprehend it totally. While a Trading and Exchange framework needs a legitimate nimble improvement, with investigated, composed and tried extent of work and have legitimate test cases (r-specs). The engineering ought to be configuration thinking about security, effectiveness, speed, and adaptability. This may be a weighty and time taking procedure in the start yet in long haul is dependably natural product full. Alpha-X have the correct group and right understanding for the equivalent.

Cross-fringes and Multilingual:

Blockchains have no fringes. A large portion of the exchanges out there are restricted to a specific region and they offer help and help to a specific nation. The Alpha-X global multi-lingual group has broad working involvement in America, Europe, Russia and Asia, and they can easily bolster the worldwide market. Furthermore, they also aim to extend more skylines for lingual help.


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The Alpha-X ecosystem is made of six components which are discussed below:

1. Alpha-X Coin (AX)

The coins dispersed through the principle chain in the ICO are Alpha-X coin, it’s a POS based cryptocurrency and thus is very quick, secure and unknown, so Alpha-X plan to populate it as Utility Coin, through which they will increment the utility recommendation over the market and at correct time, even they can coordinate purpose of-offer (POS) over AX

2. Alpha-X Exchange (Ax)

This will be made at later stage utilizing the ICO assets of AX , it would be propelled as a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange, with the intention to give more liquidity in various Fiat-Crypto sets. The mission is to get up to 100 or more combines of fiat cash and make the exchange open round the globe, to everybody.

3. Alpha-X Mobile App

A light weight interface where all the related exercises will occur, where client can put its coin or can exchange his coin and can spend Alpha-X at whatever point and wherever required

4. Alpha-X Wallet

A decentralized QT wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux customers for putting away, sending , accepting and stamping new Alpha-X coin. Here the client will hold his private keys and consequently its the most securest approach to hold your cash with yourself.

5. Alpha-X Debit Card

Alpha-X have a plan to give genuine liquidity to its clients, round the globe , round the clock. anyone can purchase or offer Alpha-X in his territory at any time with no issue. We have expected to give AX charge cards also what’s more, coordinate it with point over deal.

6. Alpha-X Marketplace

An online marketplace to bring the shippers and purchasers closer. Here interested traders can offer their stock straightforwardly to the purchasers with Alpha-X coins.


The primary goal of the Alpha-X Eco system, with its AX Coins, is to maintain all products and services using crypto-currencies and AX Coin, regardless of the current banking and economic system. In addition we will safely manage the money and fully utilise it for fast transactions.

  • Multi-Currency Wallet
  • Multi-Currency Debit Card
  • User Friendly Exchange And Trading Platform

Token Analysis

AlphaX will have his own token named AX and it will have his own platform.

PreICO price: 1 AX = 0.05 USD

Price in ICO: 1 AX = 0.00024 ETH


Private Pre Sale – 15 Sep 2018 – 31 Oct 2018 – 50%

Open Pre Sale – 1 Nov 2018 – 15 Dec 2018 – 30%

Open Sale / Crowdsale -16 Dec 2018 – 31 Jan 2019 – 10%

Tokens for sale: 170,000,000

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nvestment info

Min. investment 1 USD
Accepting BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
Distributed in ICO 85%

Soft cap 1500000 USD
Hard cap 13100000 USD


Apr 2018
The idea came with Internet Of Things making life simpler

May 2018
Research, Team building

June 2018
Idea analysed and Improved, Finalized the product

July 2018
AlphaX- Website Launched

Aug 2018
Alpha-X Whitepaper Launched Alpha-X Blockchain Created Alpha-X Source code published on Githhub Posting over Bitcointalk and other Forums

Sept 2018
ICO Launched Private Pre Sale

Oct 2018
Open Pre Sale Bounty Campaigns

Nov 2018
Crowdsale Airdrop + Bonus

Dec 2018
QT Wallet Launched for Windows, Mac & Linux Listing on Exchange Listing on Coinmarketcap

Q1 2019
Alpha-X Mobile Wallet Security Audit Report Q2 2019 – Alpha-X Exchange Launch Integration of Major Coins Advertisement and Promotion Security Audit

Q3 2019
Alpha-X Marketplace Launch Alpha-X Debit Card Program

Q4 2019
Alpha-X Integration for major systems, like Utility Bill Payment, Telephone Bill, Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, etc Alpha-X Integration with local Stores, Restaurant, Shop etc


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