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For the first time in history, we are able to directly transact and interact with the world around us without the need to go through intermediaries. Cryptocurrency has proven this, as value can be transferred across border without the need of any bank, but this just scratches the surface. Besides the lower cost and instant transactions, playing into the hype isn’t a bad idea either.

It is true that e-commerce has revolutionised the traditional method people used to exchange things. E-commerce has mobilised everything online and offer speed and convenience to customers through online shopping. People can easily shop for just about anything while sitting on their sofa sipping soda. The items or goods and e-commerce services that the customers seek are offered by online retail outlets and mega stores who have collected them together in one place in order to offer the customers easy and fun experience while purchasing things.
Unfortunately, with the advantages of convenience and ease of transaction there is the problem of means of payment for these transactions that are done electronically.

All of these retail platforms have one objective: generate sales and revenue. Furthermore, they all have one element in common, which is that they all need a payment gateway to process their transactions. Most stores use VISA, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify or Apple Pay. As cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming more and more popular and prominent in today’s economy and society, it is clear that there need to be more cryptocurrency payment gateways for businesses and marketplaces. The e-commerce industry needs a complete, end-to-end solution that would enable customers to have a fully interconnected experience, with a currency tied to an online marketplace in order to spend, save, transfer and receive funds in a seamless and easy way. This said currency could be used in physical stores or online and would allow customers to actively engage and participate in the ecosystem in multiple different ways. This is where the ARAW Token Ecosystem and Araw Pay come in.

The ARAW ecosystem is created with the understanding that there need to be a platform that provide solution to payment problems customers face when performing e-commerce transactions. Araw platform is built on a high level of transparency and has features that are designed to help accommodate the customers and provide a marketplace for easy payments.

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Part of the features of the Araw ecosystem is the Araw pay which is an open widget on the websites that will accept accept payments from customers in Araw tokens. This and a mobile web wallet will provide an easy means of payment to customers and provide a smooth user experience. The ARAW platform also offer a touch & pay card system called Araw card which is like the credit and debit cards provided by the financial systems. The card will allow customers to make micropayment in coffee shops, bars, malls or perform daily online transactions easily.

The advantages of Araw system is enormous since it is designed with only the problems of customers in mind, it is clear that they are on the mission to provide a smooth and seamless means of payment in e-commerce.


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