Blockchain technology has revolutionized the world by introducing complete data transparency and decentralization of data. Why not use it for air travel security? That’s what Aeron strives to achieve. With over hundreds and thousands of GigaBytes of air travel data to store and over 2 million daily passengers, aviation industry holds one of the biggest databases on the planet. What better way to store and secure such data than blockchain?

What is Aeron?
Aeron offers a transparent and yet efficient method to store passenger and crew data, and at the same time, it plans to develop blockchain applications for effective flight and aircraft management. The data is transparent to all the blockchain network systems, which in this case can be aircraft authorities and other management officials. Aeron with its new and unique outlook to aviation database can resolve many problems faced by the industry.

Aeron at Rescue!
One of the biggest problems today, with aviation industry is to securely store its user and crew information. Any breach in such a database can have devastating outcomes and take away the public trust from the IT security offered by the industry. With Aeron’s initiative to use blockchain to store passenger information, data now can be stored securely on blockchain with no possibility of corruption. Blockchain technology with a security wrapper creates an extremely less risky and yet a transparent approach to managing and sharing this user data between authorized personnel.
An another major reasons of air travel mishaps is falsified pilot and flight data. The pilots may be inexperienced and lack proper skills for the job but since their falsified profiles show them better than they actually are, they are handed lives of hundreds of people in the aircraft, which has had catastrophic results in the past. The pilot profile could be wrongly made by corrupt flight schools and the flight data could be falsely updated by aircraft management authorities to save huge maintenance costs for the aircraft. Thereby misleading aircraft authorities and endangering passenger lives. All this data will be transparent, incorruptible and available in ready time to passengers and aircraft securities, once blockchain is introduced into the system. Aeron provides a mobile application to update pilot profiles and match them with authorities and flight schools in case of a corrupt update. This will ensure that no pilots can fly with an expired license and induce public trust in the management system. Further, Aeron application checks for flight time and decides proper maintenance for the flight accordingly. The application keeps track of repair logs like- what part was repaired/replaced, by whom and when.

Features of Aeron
Aeron plans on making a special application for pilots, aviation companies, and customers that would not only secure their data but even simplify the current management situation. The pilot application allows pilots to validate their flight experience and career progress. This application keeps track of the flight time and allows aviation authorities to keep a regular check on pilot profiles. The company application allows the company employees to manage the employee data and information like flight costs, refueling, and maintenance, remotely. This simplifies the aircraft management and maintenance to a great extent.

The passenger application involves features like viewing pilot and company profiles and choosing whatever offer they think is best. The customers can thereby be assured of the experience their pilot has and what kind of aircraft with what features and upgrades they are about to book. The application is hosted on blockchain and allows booking payments in cryptocurrencies.
There are no international standards for aircraft control and management. Each country has its own rules and logs for administration. The companies and other online systems relying on Aeron blockchain are given a completely transparent view into their flight history logs, pilot logs, and other maintenance or management logs. Such records once updated and stored in blockchain are completely secure and incorruptible. Aeron can thereby centralize the aviation management and confidently vouch for its data credibility.
The company plans on creating an incorruptible blockchain database which is transparent to aviation authorities and company flight control and with introducing mobile applications to log pilot and aircraft records easily Aeron will simplify aircraft management and maintenance to a great extent. With such new and highly advanced features, Aeron can be the next big thing in the aviation industry and Blockchain

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