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With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, EtainPower, a renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem empowered by both blockchain and AI technologies has arrived.

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"Blockchain’s ability to allow peer-to-peer energy transactions could significantly disrupt the energy sector, particularly by encouraging decentralisation.

The growing use of small renewable energy installations, such as rooftop solar panels, can create stress on electricity grids that were designed with large, centralised power plants in mind. By allowing peer-to-peer energy trading and incentivising local consumption at the time of production, blockchain could stabilise the grid, aiding this decentralisation.

Inside our homes, the application of blockchain will accelerate the Internet of Things (IoT). Interconnectivity has been a roadblock in the smart technology category for a decade, and blockchain could be the key. By creating a more inclusive ecosystem of data, it’s possible for more high-quality data to be exchanged freely between devices."

With that being said, Etainpower seeing the success of Blockchain, EtainPower wishes to present a renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem supported by 2 technologies, namely blockchain and Ai. With the support of these two technologies, EtainPower believes that it can create a service that will sustain the development of the Intelligent Energy Ecosystem.

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What exactly is ETAINPOWER?

EtainPower is a renewable energy finance and trading ecosystem supported by blockchain and AI technologies. Supported by a team of top engineers from Silicon Valley introducing an innovative blockchain architecture to override global renewable energy assets, enabling them to trade quickly and freely through our decentralized and decentralized blockchain technology platform quickly.

EtainPower is a team of experts with a Blockchain technology background, they assist in delivering renewable energy projects overcoming their financial barriers while improving the operation of today's electrical utilities and enchanting the power of the transaction equation. Therefore, energy has a lot of understanding that suits the researcher who examines it, but in the end the hypothesis of each energy is the same that there are forces that can change but can not be eliminated or made.

EtainPower develops solutions for people and businesses to harness the power of renewable energy sources. With the power of blockchain technology, they provide scalable and transparent solutions for generation and use of renewable energy. The project can be funded by investors worldwide, and smart contract-based rules and regulations are defined on the platform. Two tokens launched by the platform are used for different purposes. Token EPR (Token Platform) and PPS Token (Power Points) are used by project contributors and producers on the platform.

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The Solution

Energy Token

EtainPower is a blockchain-based transaction platform for renewable energy financing. Through the platform, energy producers can establish connections with global investors to meet their project financing needs.

Diversified Investment Returns

Investors who help finance renewable energy projects on the EtainPower platform will have many options for using their energy tokens. Apart from exchanging the energy tokens for EPR through the platform, they can purchase electricity through local providers or use energy tokens in EtainPower’s ecosystem to pay for various other services.

Power Grid Intelligence

The EtainPower mission is to build a smart power grid that operates based on decentralization, transparency, and zeroemission principles. EtainPower will not only include renewable energy microgrid and distributed generation power projects in the ecosystem, but also establish partnerships with power utility companies.

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Remember the mission is to combine blockchain and AI technologies and apply them to the global energy network with the goal to break the monopoly position of traditional energy giants and bring true decentralization to the smart energy ecosystem

Blockchian Technology

Artificial Intelligence

EPR Token

EtainPower Features

Blockchain technology is an innovative internet database technology. It is an independent, decentralized, verifiable,and permanent database that coexists in multiple locations and is shared by the community. By design,blockchain is inherently resistant to data tampering. Once a transaction happens on the platform, it is verified by everyone within the platform.

Tokenized Renewable - Energy Financing

Multiple Usage of the - Energy Token

Continuous Value - Growth of EPR Token

Intelligent Power - Utilities

EtainPower AI Grid

EtainPower smart grid will integrate artificial intelligence and big data and implement an advanced network and IoT technologies to monitor, manage and coordinate all the power generation and consumption facilities in the grid. EtainPower will not change the existing power grid infrastructure but will provide the tools to maximize power transmission and balance distribution management. Based on the demand of power end user, EtainPower smart grid technology will optimize power distribution to balance load, reduce operating costs, minimize environmental impact, and maximize stability. EtainPower will revolutionize the current fossil fueldependent power structure, provide energy security for all regions, cut pollution that may lead to climate change, and drive economic growth.

Token Sale and ICO Details

EtainPower platform has two tokens: the platform token (EPR) and the energy token, PowerPoints (PPS). The two tokens are used together to achieve the AI-based energy trading platform powered by blockchain. Renewable energy producers can issue PPS to investors to finance their projects. The actual value of the PPS equals the price of electricity the producers commit to delivering in the future. During the project financing stage, the renewable energy producer sells electricity to investors in the form of PPS, at a price lower than the actual value. The value of PPS will be activated when the project generates revenue.

EtainPower’s EPR token can be obtained through a public offering or through exchanging PPS from financing a renewable energy project.

Token Details

Token: EPR

Price 1 ETH : 65,000 EPR

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH

Country: Malta

Whitelist/KYC: None

Main Terms of The EtainPower Token Sale:

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Token Allocation and Use of Funds

EPR Token Allocation Plan

Token lock-up period:

Founding Team & Advisors (20%): 3-year lock up period.

Releasing schedule: 30%, 30%, 40% in year 1, year 2 and year 3 respectively.

Foundation Reserves: 5-year lock up period.

Release schedule: 20% every year.

Ecosystem rewarding pool: 5-year rewarding period for early platform participants.

Community development and operation: will not be locked.

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Use of Funds

Proceeds raised from token sale will be used for the R&D of EtainPower platform, and the business development.

According to EtainPowers development plan, the funds will be used as follows:

45% of the proceeds will be used for the EtainPower platform and ecosystem development.

10% of the proceeds will be used for legal compliance with the energy sector requirements.

15% of the proceeds will be used to acquire other energy blockchain technologies and assets.

15% of the proceeds will be used for advertisement, branding and business development.

5% of the proceeds will be used for daily operating expenses such as office expenses, travel expenses, transportation expenses, conference fees, and office staffing costs.


Q3 2017

EtainPower has officially started.

Q2 2018

Contracted with Antigua Electric Utility

Q3 2018

PPS Wallet 1.0

We have completed the screening criteria for project financing.

Q4 2018

Crowdfounding Platform.beta

600MW energy project contract signed

January 2019

Crowdfunding Platform 1.0

4/4, 2019

2.6 Increased GW project capital

Q1 2020

Exclusive P2P service trading app.

EV Rental and EV Charging

Q2 2020

PPS 3.0 (Microgrid)

Smart Grid Development

Q4 2020

Smart Grid System 2.0

8.6 Ratioing Capital for GW Projects

Meet The Amazing Team

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Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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