World’s First
Decentralized Advertising Solution
in Augmented Reality
Introducing ARROUND
Augmented reality is about to radically change how we see the world around us and ARROUND is leading the race into this brave new world with the help of blockchain.

We are providing the world with a captivating new digital environment to explore, where millions will be able to create and share their own AR experiences. Advertisers will have a brand new way to engage consumers through the use of creative campaigns in augmented reality, and high-street retail outlets can harness the power of big data and targeted campaigns for the first time in history.

ARROUND already has the support of a large number of global partners who will help propel our solution to the mass market, and provide us with the opportunity to fully commercialize our unique offering.

The project has very good partners :

Reasons to Buy ARR
Established partnerships with global brands
Token plays vital role in fueling business model
AR market growing at breakneck speed (65% CAR)
MVP available on iOS & Android
Innovative and comprehensive product
Experienced team with excellent track record
The ARR is used for all revenue transactions across the network, including all advertising payments, revenue from the social network, the AR Store and from the global 3D AR map.

ARROUND Platform
Each element of the ARROUND platform combines to form an ecosystem capable of supporting an advanced consumer and retail application .

How ARROUND Uses Blockchain
Blockchain ties all elements of the project together. Advertising inventory and campaigns are registered in the blockchain and paid for by ARR. A bounty in ARR is paid to map builders and all transactions across the social network are conducted in the ARR token. In addition to revenue from advertising, we envision significant value in leasing the AR Map to 3rd party applications and connecting them to our advertising network. All intellectual property and privacy rights are guaranteed via smart contracts.

User roles in the application :
Ordinary user-an ordinary user of the system, working through a mobile client,
as which the phone or other wearable device acts. This user
can create your own rounds, and view previously created rounds of any
format’s. The user can filter rounds by various parameters.
Professional blogger-has a wider functionality for creating rounds and setting up
registrations. The functionality of this role is described in more detail in the “Roles” section
“user partition “Portal” functional specification.
Brand account — an account of a large organization that serves as a single point of entry into the system.
The functionality of this role is described in more detail in the “user Roles” section
“Portal” of the functional specification.
Account advertising agent-the task of the user is to create advertising
campaigns in augmented reality using a wide range of tools that
provides a platform. The functionality of this role is described in more detail in the section
“User roles “in the” Portal “ section of the functional specification.
Moderators-users whose tasks include assistance with advertising
companies, as well as the removal of rounds that violate the rules of the project. More detail
the functionality of this role is described in the user Roles section of the Portal section»
functional specification.
Account of an employee of the company is a mobile version of the role of advertising account
agent’s. Works through a mobile app, can create tags (QR code or normal
images) and bind to them the rounds of advertising campaigns available to him. Can see
rounds created by the employer.
Token Sale

3,000,000,000 ARR tokens will be issued. All tokens that go unsold will be burned
The price of one ARR token is US $0.035
An extra 5% bonus will be provided for buying more than US $10,000
The ARROUND platform will use the ARR token released after the ICO
ARRs are used for all transactions within the platform, including the purchasing of advertising space and all payments between the platform’s users and AR developers.
This is all that I wanted to describe in this article , you are still studying this part , and I will prepare for you new information about the project , but for now I recommend to study whitepaper , join social activity and make decisions for investment , thank you for your attention to all uzhami .
Web — https://arround.io/
ANN — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3014006.0
Whitepaper — https://arround.io/content/file/arround-whitepaper-ru.pdf

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