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Hy, good afternoon, welcome back to my blog, I'm ayuwick this time I will review. a project that will help you in the area of exchangers and wallets. introduce the project that I will review is Cryptonity. Exchanger and Wallet are indeed very important to help our work in doing business in the world of cryptoccurency. You know that there are also many projects that have the same category out there, so here I give you choices about exchangers. and this you can make a comparison about which one is most interesting according to you. lets discuss more here.

Introducing Cryptonity.

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Cryptonity is a project with an exchanger and wallet category. Cryptonity comes from France, the name Cryptonity is the combination of two words: Crypto and Community. Cryptonity was born in 2018 in January. The CEO of the Cryptonity project is Jaewoo Seo

he was a Blockchain Entrepreneur with previous experience he had KEYSTONE FILMS, Samsung Electronics education from CEO cryptonity can we also consider guys he graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management Education

What is Cryptonity ?

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Cryptonity is a user-friendly comprehensive and safe exchange project on the planet. the goal of the Team developing this project was to bring good vibrations to Crypto World, violating the 'only profit' policy of most exchanges. all you need to know is that Poryek is very different in my opinion from other projects because this is the first crypto exchange project to provide insurance to recover our users in the event of a loss. only this time there is an exchanger project that gives you this insurance is very interesting ... Cryptonity plans to develop its own Blockchain and decentralized exchange with community participation through valued programs, its very make you Currious i think.

How It Works ?

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hmm ... the way Cryptonity works is by providing users or token holders the most ergonomic and high-performance trading tool. This will be achieved by bringing users access to advanced trading tools, securing all user deposits with insurance, utilizing leading security practices in the industry and using a community-centered development approach. Users who have our Token Cryptonity (XNY) are given the lowest cost on the market.

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Crypto community in the evolution of this platform is very important, because to meet their needs and requests: features that will be developed, allowing new coins or tokens to be registered in this exchanger. Therefore, here I suggest you to contribute directly by purchasing tokens when ICO takes place, you will also know that all exchanger projects will definitely have the price of a utility Token which can later be expensive, which is the same as a Cryptonity project which can give you two benefits fold, you can buy tokens Here at ICO prices.

Token sale Infromation

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Ticker: XNY
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Public sale: 01 Nov`2018 - 31 Dec' 2018
ICO Price: 1 XNY = 0.23 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,120,000 USD

Token distribution

60% - Public Token Sale (ICO).
10% - Airdrop & Bounty Programs.
20% - Cryptonity Core Team.
3% - Advisors .
7% - insurance purposes

Funds allocation

60% - Platform and Features Development.
20% - Marketing and Promotion purposes.
10% - administrative and legal operations.
10% - insurance purposes.

guys this is last session in my review here you can find more information and interesting news about Cryptonity . Check out the website and the whitepaper . You can keep up to date with what is happening at Crowdholding by following at Facebook you can Visit the Ann Thread for Bitcointalk forum user or chatting with Cryptonity telegram and you can see news too by following Twitter

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