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The Blockchain Technology keeps on expanding in ubiquity and also its appropriation because of its genuine utilize cases in different parts by people, firm, and governments. It is a will be a drifting subject for discourse whenever, as it can possibly alter household and worldwide exchanges. It’s mechanical attributes particularly decentralization and unchanging nature have been extremely useful, in alleviating some present frameworks on the planet today as it can be effectively be embraced into any existing framework.
Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations One firm at the forefront of this innovation is VIRTUSE EXCHANGE which bridges cryptocurrencies with the $300 trillion global financial market, a platform that simply gives investors a bridge to real-world assets. It lets you invest in real-world assets in ten minutes or less from any Internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, and in any time zone. It’s 100% CRYPTO, with no banks involved.

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About Virtuse Exchange

Virtuse Exchange is a digital asset exchange that gives investors a bridge to real-world assets. It lets you invest in real-world assets in ten minutes or less from any Internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, and in any time zone. It’s 100% CRYPTO, with no banks involved.

Virtuse Exchange’s world-first trading platform is set to change the industry. By integrating the trillions of dollars stored in traditional capital markets with cryptocurrency through the use of Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACTs), we’re enabling what could be the biggest change in investment history. With Virtuse Exchange, cryptocurrency investors can invest in a huge range of asset classes, simply by buying DACTs that are secured against real world assets. Not only does this offer an exciting new way to invest, it also provides an attractive way to store crypto profits during times of volatility (rather than having to exchange into FIAT).

Brief History

Virtuse Group Company was founded in 2006 and only in January 2018 began work on the decentralized blockchain project called Virtuse Exchange. Then the business model of the platform was created and the first descriptions of the project were published. The project itself is a special platform to exchange of various physical assets (oil, gold, real estate, property, etc.) for cryptocurrencies that further will be used as a basis for conducting trading transactions. The developers of the platform created a platform for the placement of the exchange and created tools for the interaction of platform participants, as well as evaluation, tokenization and use of assets within the platform.

At its core, the Virtuse Exchange is a public property tokenization tool for those who want to enter cryptocurrencies, but don’t have a direct tool, or opportunities in principle. Due to its decentralization, the platform will be able to cover the entire population of the planet and not to be limited to individual continents or countries.

Problems Virtuse Exchange Seeks To Solve

A modern model of the work of traders around the world was created over many years. Nevertheless, now this model is not always applicable in the market, as the market is adjusted for the assets that are used on it. In addition, 87% of all trading operations are concentrated in only 16 stock exchanges. This suggests that the centralization of trade exchanges actually leads to partial monopolization of trade operations and doesn’t allow the development of small exchanges.

Meanwhile, a trader has to pay huge commissions to conduct transactions on large exchanges. And, of course, these transactions will not yield obvious benefits, because of such fees. To achieve significant success within a large exchange, it’s necessary to work there for at least 6 months and all this time to be at least at the same level of assets, but it is almost impossible. With the introduction of blockchain into the exchange trade, all participants at the entrance have equal opportunities and differ only in their own assets, which they can provide with physical values.

As well as for many other branches of our life — the decentralization of Virtuse Exchange will allow to erase the borders between states and continents and will allow to trade wherever there is a connection to the Internet network. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the small amount of assets that you have at your disposal — this platform allows to so reduce the costs of trading, that carrying out transactions takes an extremely small share of the commission.

The Location

The facility is based in Singapore. To attract and enable access to the traditional capital markets, we’ve located our exchange in a major financial hub - Singapore. Whilst our platform will be completely decentralized on blockchain, it still needs an interface with the capital markets, which is why we’ve chosen one of the world’s most diverse and advanced financial trading centres.

The Features

Borderless and 24/7/365

The platform enables anyone in the world to trade both cryptocurrencies and financial assets at any time, in any location. It’s the first true borderless platform that’s 100% crypto.Trade every global financial asset

Virtuse Exchange will initially launch with basic cryptocurrency pairs. In the second half of 2018, we’ll be adding our unique Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACTs) - asset backed crypto investments in stocks, bonds, commodities and other funds, allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity you can think of.

Revolutionary new digital instruments

In addition to DACTs, we’ll also be offering expertly managed DAFs (Digital Asset Funds) – tokens that are comprised of several coins, with liquidity ensured. These funds will create a whole new class of investment opportunities with virtually unlimited potential - that aren’t available anywhere else.

Fully Secured

The team has extensive experience in building secure financial trading systems and Virtuse Exchange will be no different. We’re implementing state-of-the-art security technologies to ensure your funds stay safe from hacking and data breaches.

Low Fees

The platform eliminates the need for clearing banks, custodians, excessive brokerage and high exchange fees. As a result, we provide all of the benefits of instant electronic trading, at a fraction of the normal cost.

Why you should choose Virtuse Exchange?

Virtuse exchange is the only exchange that connects crypto assets with “the old” financial markets. It’s also the only platform that enables investors to “park” their crypto earnings in less volatile commodities, such as gold and oil, without withdrawing crypto assets from the exchange. Crypto-investors are able to mitigate risk by incorporating commodities into their portfolio, which is how fiat investors do it too.What makes us different

Virtuse Exchange is different from other exchanges as it's a unique platform that combines the best of the traditional investment world with the new digital assets ecosystem. Through its distinct collateralization framework, Virtuse Exchange enables the most attractive capital market assets to be traded within the safety of cryptocurrencies. This allows, for the first time, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether to be invested in assets like oil, grain, precious metals, emission allowances, and stock indices.In other words, it creates a bridge between Crypto and the $294 trillion world of traditional financial markets.

The Advantages

The most global advantage provided by the platform is the ability to tokenize absolutely any physical assets and translate them into cryptocurrency equivalent. Having a small physical capital, you can easily turn it into an asset with further multiplying. The capabilities of the platform are not limited by the introduction of blockchain technology that allows to use the services from anywhere in the world with the connection to the Internet.

Due to the fact that transactions are transferred to blockchain, they no longer require the intervention of centralized services and third parties charging commission from each transaction. Now you can earn more, and thus the amount of starting capital doesn’t decrease. Also, transactions will become more secure than the same transaction in centralized systems and exchanges.

Those who don’t have experience in this field are also able to earn money by trading on the exchange. On today’s large exchanges, the newcomer needs to work for a long time, so that his work starts to generate revenue. In the Virtuse exchange system, all users work with identical conditions and can’t have great privileges due to time and experience on the exchange.

Platform innovations

Centralized exchanges now and again give a breach in their defense. Quite often we read news about the next hacking of a commercial exchange and the theft of huge sums by scammers. The developers of the Virtus Exchange platform have vast experience in the field of information security, which they use in developing the platform. Thus, you can no longer worry about the safety of your assets, as they are secured by the security of blockchain and the latest developments of the Virtus Exchange team.

The vast majority of exchanges have a problem of liquidity of assets that are inside the system. In the case of the Virtus Exchange platform, assets are backed by physical values that users tokenize. After all, it is impossible to deny that a gram of gold, having its equivalent in cryptocurrency, will lose its value in part or in full.

The Virtus Exchange platform will acquire multilingualism, so that the reach of users will become much wider. In ordinary exchanges, the requests are answered by the support staff. The platform will be provided with multilingualism due to the fact that the software language part is much easier to work out than to hire many employees who know different languages.

Virtuse Exchange tools

For the comfortable work of the platform users, the team has created several innovative tools that allow all participants of the system to interact. Inside the platform, there will be two types of tokens:

DACT (Digital Asset Collateralized Token)

DAF (Digital Asset Fund)

DACT is intended to pay compensation to users with the opposite viewpoint on the development of the exchange rate of any currency. For example, user X expects a token growth, and user Y — a fall. If the real rate showed growth, then the user X will receive a remuneration in the amount corresponding to the growth of the currency exchange rate. And the user Y loses this difference. Thus, it’s possible to maintain a healthy ecosystem on the exchange. And liquidity is maintained in this way.

DAF are tokens of statistics, which are derived by financial analysts and platform specialists. In this statistics can include the two types of currency and the complex. Liquidity is supported by the issuance of new coins of cryptocurrencies, which are part of the statistical complex.

Token Sale and ICO Details

A VIRT token is a token issued by Virtuse Exchange and is the preferred mean for the purchase of other products on the platform. A fixed pool of one billion publicly tradable VIRT tokens will be created to support transactions on the Virtuse Exchange, giving investors the opportunity to pay for transactions and to share in the success of our revolutionary new platform.Investors can purchase VIRT coins in three phases on a first-come, first-served basis until 400,000,000 tokens are sold. As each new phase starts, the VXT price will increase. Ethereum is a currency accepted for VIRT. Investors will receive VIRT tokens within five working days after the ICO finishes.

VIRT tokens can be used to settle transactions on the platform. The benefits include lower transaction fees, withdrawal fees, margin calls, listing fees, and any other fees.

Token Details

VIRT Token type: ERC20

A strict limit of: 1,000,000,000

Hard Cap: $20,000,000

Soft Cap: $5,000,000

Price: 1 ETH = 8,000 VIRT
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How the funds will be used

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is expected to raise a further $20,000,000 to help fund:

Global marketing campaigns to drive uptake and increase the demand for VIRT tokens

Future development of the exchange to add new features and trading opportunities

Company liquidity to ensure we have sufficient financial resources to fund our long-term growth plans

Virtuse Exchange will launch as a fully-funded entity, and with the community and revolutionary technology we’re building, we expect to continue to be self-funded from our transactions (even as small as the fees will be).
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Sales Details
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