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GOeureka is a travel tech firm which uses the innovative blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform.

GOeureka is a tech partner to hotels, and its primary target is to provide a dynamic digital experience to users while at the same time eliminating high commissions which online travel agents usually use.

GOeureka’s primary vision is to enable hotels to focus more on necessary resources for providing customers with enhanced value and services all over the world.

The company does this by reducing the financial commitment of hotels to third-party booking platforms.
GOeureka goes live and brings a new era of booking

GOeureka just went live, and it has released the alpha soft version of the platform. It allows users to book hotel rooms without any commissions involved.

On the other hand, the can enjoy amazing benefits such as loyalty rewards and more, all without any hidden fees.

GOeureka is one of the first platforms to trial bookings on the blockchain via smart contracts.

The booking platform is operating on the Ethereum blockchain, eliminating third parties, and passing savings are rewards straight to consumers. It also reduces costs and manpower.

GOeureka’s board consists of C-Level executives from Accor Hotels and Agoda and more essential names in the global hotel industry.

The number of hotels that can be booked via the platform is continually growing, and this offers a massive plus over the competition.
Traditional booking has little cost transparency

Usually, booking sites charge between 10% and 30% commission on top of the room rate and the fee is usually not too transparent for consumers.

The retail price of a room will vary depending on transactions between the hotel, the bed bank wholesaler and the online booking site.

GOeureka makes this whole process much more straightforward, and it provides users with a fair and consistent price and secure transactions for the hotel.

The platform eliminates the need for third parties and allows hotels to deal straight with customers.

This results in erased fees and more benefits for the customers, and as a result for the hotel as well.

Hotels can cut down the supply chain to the bare minimum, and they can operate more efficiently and cheaper.

“GOeureka will elevate the standards of the online hotel booking industry,” said Manraj Rai, CEO of the company.

Customers don’t always receive all that they paid for and GO wants to change things.

The CEO continues and explains that the platform is brilliant and innovative in its ways of connecting the hotels with their customers.

“We are simplifying the hotel booking process, bringing transparency, value, and clarity to the customer, and providing a tech solution to hotels which will save them money, time and encourage increased customer loyalty,” Manraj Rai concluded.

GOeureka is shaping the future of online booking, making traveling a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for customers.
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