ALFA-ENZO network platform is a new blockchain based project as the first mass-market cryptocurrency. The platform aim to offer a standard unmatched distributed commerce ecosystem that is specially built to meet the speed and scalability required for mainstream utilization. By such providing properties like quickness and intuition for all users on the platform.
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The Alpha-enzo platform ensure to make transactions on the blockchain easier, better and for users to optimally utilize the blockchain potentials. Alfa- enzo is developing an open network that delivers better decentralized applications, protocols and ecosystems that can exercise a high global appeal user- base with flexibility and top-notch user experiences. Alpha-enzo is an innovation with a super-enhanced design to aid massive adoption by relying network effect to offer cryptocurrencies. Alpha-enzo platform works on services by offering clients future entrance to the field of online advertising.


  • Each user should be able to sell, buy, store funds, quietly use decentralized applications.

  • Fast and secure data transfer. Data processing speed. Any user wants to have quick access to the content.

  • Create a world class smart market that offers hyberlocal social networking which is based on high speed proof of activity blockchain.

  • It combines patent social network with a high speed proof of activity blockchain which help the user to earn money from the numerous time they spend on this platform.

  • The platform will give the users opportunity to create contracts between one another thereby rendering mass adoption.

  • The platform was created to be able to reach the most effective solutions to the biggest and most difficult problems which have riddled the cryptoworld.


It’s main objectives is to launch its EON main net and this will be the worlds first distributed operating system and it will run through peer to peer topology.

The platforms missions is to be able to develop an awesome global economy that will be bale to help individual and many businesses to transact very easily and freely on the blockchain ecosystem.

The platform has its own p2p products and the utility of their coin is also related to the networks effects.

As more users join the platform it automatically generates more value to the network and thereby giving more values to the tokens.


  • Mobile application Alfa; It looks like a peer-to-peer messenger. There is a prototype on iOS, you can download and try it.

  • Push; This is a P2P advertising platform. The probability of a click on advertising in such a system is over 90%. Advertising itself on this platform is different from commercial. Here, people automatically share their experience of using certain products with others. The launch of this platform is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

  • Wallet; This is a means of payment. It allows you to exchange not only currencies, but also independently create smart contracts between the participants of the system and exchange everything they need. From crypto currencies to the objects of the material world.


The ENZO (NZO) Token would be released EON offers its own Enzo (NZO) token with a saved internal value. This token will be provided by time, so its value can not be inflated or depreciated. The value of token is related to network ecosystem effect and distribution of tokens depends on participation, therefore the faster a network grows the more expensive token becomes. NZO token is equivalent to 365 days with daily units in Zs.

Token symbol ---- NZO

Date of sale of the token --- July 4, 2019

Price of the token ---- 0.005 $

Accepted payment ---- Ethereum

Total stock ---- 21 billion

Token standard ---- ERC20

Soft Cap --- $ 3 million

Hard Cap - $ 100 million


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