Papusha is the world’s first rocket and space technology to produce fuel by using oil residues from refineries offered by Anatoly Papusha (Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences who developed the Buran program). Papusha Rocket (PRT) ICO is the latest technology to destroy oil refineries residues around the world such that instead of destroying flora and fauna, refineries get gasoline and diesel fuel for selling.

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The platform started in the 1980s and the technology was developed for the needs of the Soviet space program. PRT ICO produces small-capacity oil refining units to process black oil fuel and produce liquid fuel by using the transonic combustion technology. Every day refineries worldwide generate 1.35 million tons of residues. Depending on its capacity, one PRT-2 unit processes 30-90 tons of wastes per day. The market requires dozens of thousands of PRT-2 units. Transactions will be done on the Papusha platform with the use of its token, PRT.

PAPUSHA is the first technology that aims to destroy hazardous residues from our environment, this unique innovation will not only improve the processing of oil residues but will also modernize it. With the high and ever-increasing demand for new innovations and technologies, PAPUSHA will achieve its core mission by eliminating all super toxic residues. After undergoing due processes toxic waste can be used in the most profitable market.
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PAPUSHA innovative mobile PRT-2 units are built on the basis of rocket technology which has the capacity to recycle up to 30 to 90 tons of residues on daily basis, compared to the amount of waste derived by most refineries (10 million barrels) daily PAPUSHA is more than capable to recycle these waste.
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1.Oil handling creates a considerable measure of build-ups, which are of little utilize and are a danger to the ecology of the whole planet. Oil (refineries) pour build-ups into exceptional compartments or in supposed "capacity lakes". Consequently, they harm nature and deny themselves of potential incredibly benefit from their preparing.

2.Small-sized PRT-2 preparing unit utilizes the substance of such lakes as crude materials. Oil build-ups are prepared at high temperature (more than 1,000 0 С) at transonic rates (~1,000 m/sec) by including uncommon polluting influences. Under such conditions, the handled substances experience radical physicochemical changes, a large portion of which transform into an engineered gas. Further, the substance enters the cooling unit, where a valuable item is blended (lamp fuel, gas, oil, and so forth.). For this situation, safe water vapour and carbon dioxide are depicted in the environment.

3.The significant crude materials acquired in a natural means are gathered in uncommon tanks that are prepared for further transportation and deal.

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  1. Low purchase and maintenance cost

  2. Durability and reliability of purchased equipment

  3. Universality and autonomous

  4. High efficiency of techniques

  5. Quick payback periods.


Date: August 22 - October 22

Standard: ERC20Token: PRT

Price: 1 ETH = 3,500 PRT

Platform: Ethereum

Hard cap: 13,500 ETH

Country: Russia

Minimum amount: 100 PRT

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Total tokens: 100,000,000

Available for sale: 75%


Total: 100,000,000 PRT

For sale: 75,000,000 PRT (75%)

Team’s reserve: 18,000,000 PRT (18%)

Advisers: 5,000,000 PRT (5%)

Bounty: 2,000,000 PRT (2%)


Papusha platform ensures to offer latest technology of destruction of waste oil refineries around the world. The platform is directed by smart leadership team that are focus to succeed and impress the whole world. Reader, ensure to be part of this very beneficial project because it will lead the world in rocket science.


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  • 2016

The beginning of scientific calculations in the processing of petroleum products

Test technology on a basic stand in Dolgoprudny

Testing has been successfully completed, the technology has been refined and improved

  • 2017

Completion of calculations, systematization of the results

Preparation of business plan, search for partners

  • Q1 2018

Preparation for the ICO

Team building, technical documentation

The development of smart contract and token economy

  • Q2 2018

The launch of the ICO

Marketing campaign

Conducting a round of private sales

  • Q3 2018

ICO Papusha Rocket Technology

The output of a token in a PRT exchange

Development of operational documentation

  • Q4 2018

Manufacture and purchase of necessary equipment and components

Creating and configuring the first PRT-2-30 installation

Certification, obtaining specifications for connection

  • 2019

Launch of serial production of PRT-2 units, first sales

Development of modules for the processing of brown coal

Work on the completion and implementation of the gas generator, providing cheap electricity for mining.

Kind Regards, ensure to join this incredible project.







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