Before bitcoin came along, I was a financial advisor for many years. So I really don't like to see people make foolish decisions that cost them a lot of money.

Clearly, digital assets are here to stay. The opportunity is exciting, but we should also be concerned about the rampant proliferation of low-quality offerings and scams.

To make things worse, digital assets don't even have a common set of criteria by which we evaluate them. With public companies, we can compare earnings, balance sheets and other similarly calculated metrics. For digital assets, there might not even be a balance sheet; you might be making a donation to a non-profit or purchasing an API key.

There is a need for a uniform set of criteria that people can to evaluate the merit of various assets. To help investors sort the rare gems from the abundance of junk, I’ve made a simple tool called Spacesuit X for analyzing the investment merits of coins, tokens, ICOs and similar projects.