In the world today. Corruption as feasted it. Now a brother cant trust a brother now. How bad it can be even when a son cant trusts his father again. Now talk less of Trust with Companies, Organisations e.t.c.
But Now, there is an ICO In town now GENESIS VISION in which you can put at least small trust in the heart.
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What is Genesis
Genesis Vision is a platform for private confidence management market, built with blockchain and smart contract technology. We combine exchanges, brokers, merchants, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network of even more global financial markets. This will enable successful traders to rapidly gauge their trading strategies by attracting investment from around the world The underlying smart contract technology platform will provide automated and transparent systems for investment and profit distribution.

The Genesis Vision platform is the solution to the most important industry issues, such as limitations due to lack of information, lack of transparency and, consequently, less trust to people in the industry.

Fundraising and use of GVT (Genesis Vision Token) will help finance the development, marketing and marketing of products in Advertising to help platform development. GVT is the internal currency and builds the Genesis Vision platform and will be used for all investment and profit distributions to people who want to use Genesis tokens.


  • list itemit aims to make the financial market even more global by incorporating brokers, intermediaries, traders and investors into a decentralized, open and honest network, there was a very successful ico process under the name of invested it looks the same but it is not the same.
  • list itemCoin aims to create a platform and mobile environment for sharing, discussing and exploring new ways of growth. Experienced investors will now be able to share their transactions and portals with their followers in real time. With this platform, users will be able to view, share and invest in real-time the active transaction of a selected investor.
    Benefits of the Platform

For investors
-Time managers and financial instruments
-Transparent investment and profit distribution
-Reserved trade history and statistics
-Marked own cryptocurrency -Scaling unlimited
trading strategy
-Genesis Vision funding investments -Add
new investors to their funds from anywhere in the world

  • Increase volume of transactions - Absolutely free participation -
    Open source code for all exchange sites
    There is a limited number of tokens at a certain level with Genesis Vision, an internal Exchange platform where traders can buy and sell tokens, and at first, the token can only be purchased at a fixed price from ICO. After that, traders can trade freely in domestic trade. In this case, investors determine their own price for executive tokens. The investment is easy to make. Each expert manager is given his own contractor, and the cost of this token will increase or decrease in direct proportion to how he has developed his own trade.

In order to connect to the Genesis Vision network, the exchange must establish integration for trading platforms. This add-on will be the bridge between the trading platform user and the broker. Plug-in integration performs the following functions

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Genesis plans to run the funds independently, regardless of profits it generates and is constantly promoting the vision of the Genesis Activity manager.

You can purchase tokens at . During ICO, BTC will be able to make a purchase with ETH direct transfer (the amount transferred must be at least $ 20 BTC or ETH).
You can transfer the token to the presale again at least $ 5 to be done with BTC and ETH.

A total of 36,960,000 tokens will be printed and 44,000,000 tokens to be distributed to ICO participants will be offered for sale, 2,200,000 funds will be accumulated and distributed among 4,840,000 crews.

To be sold on October 15th and November 15th

Citizens of the United States and Singapore cannot join the ICO.
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