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Every year the popularity of ICO increases. A clear evidence of this is the growth in the volume of funds invested by investors. Thus, in 2017, the total amount of fees amounted to $ 5 billion, and this year- $ 14 billion. However, due to the absence of a legal framework, this type of investment is associated with high risks. Often inexperienced investors invest in those projects that then can not even perform a full launch of their product.

According to statistics, 84 percent of all projects financed by ICO in 2017 were under development, 11 projects were able to create their own product and only 5 percent were successful, as they operated on the basis of existing companies.

In addition, the risks of investment in ICO are also associated with the low quality of writing smart contracts for the distribution of tokens between investors. So, due to the poor-quality smart contract on June 17, 2017, the hacker was able to steal about 50 million dollars from the ICO. However, even a well-written and well-thought-out smart contract can not insure the investor from the fact that the development team can issue other tokens or destroy all the coins at any time.

Also, the project is not insured against closure due to high competition or futility. Investors may lose their funds due to conflicts in the development team, unreasonable spending of investments, as well as due to political decisions in the country.

To solve all the above problems and provide investors with a guarantee of return of their funds will allow a new unique project called LOLIGO.

Project objective
The main goal of the developers is to create a platform that allows to ensure the safety of investments in ICO, as well as allowing to raise funds for conscientious creators of promising projects.

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Principle of operation
A number of tools will be used to achieve the above objectives, including:

smart wallet;
Smart Explorer;
LCC Factory;
Ethereum repeater;
Smart wallet is a tool for investors that allows you to purchase and store tokens of the LOLIGO platform, participate in the ICO and vote for or against them.

The ICO-market will contain a list of projects in accordance with their direction and ratings. The purchase of tokens of these projects will be possible with the help of Fiat currency or coins in the smart wallet.

Smart Explorer will allow investors to monitor the development of a particular ICO with the help of a specialized chart. This will allow investors to always objectively assess the risks and prospects of each project.

LCC Factory will allow project developers to review and amend their LCC contract with the platform.

Benchmark is one of the main tools for the LOLIGO site. With the help of a specialized algorithm, it analyzes the ICO, determining its reliability and efficiency. The behavior of the analysis determines such parameters as the quality of the written code, the behavior of the project in the simulated environment, and the maximum level of permissible load. At the same time, all these indicators are tested in real time, and their results are constantly updated.

Ethereum relay allows investors to use their real accounts with this cryptocurrency to purchase tokens of a particular project through the LOLIGO platform. In addition, it allows the exchange of ETH on LLG and back, and also to buy LLG and ETH for Fiat money.

The exchanger allows the exchange between all existing ICO cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. The list of cryptocurrencies will expand with the addition of new ICO.

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The main currency of this platform will be LLG tokens, which can be purchased both during the ICO and after its completion.

Dates and details of the ICO
The developers plan to release 16 million LLG coins, of which 11.2 million will be sold during the closed and public pre-sales. Public pre-sale will be held from 11th to 19th of October this year. During this period, the cost of tokens will be 0.75 dollars. The official sale of LLG coins worth 1.07 dollars will be held in the period from October 20 to November 25, 2018.

Softcap project - $ 0.95 million, hardcap - $ 12 million.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:

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The idea of creating a platform that would act as an intermediary between project developers and would guarantee the reliability of investments is quite good, especially given the huge number of scams. Taking into account the fact of the constant growth of ICO popularity, the project can become one of the best in 2018.

Official resources of the project LOLIGO: