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The Problem

Exchange is one of the key sectors of the cryptocurrency industry. Exchange has an important role in the cryptocurrency economy by offering markets for trade, liquidity and price discovery. Exchange serves as an intermediary between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers, connects requests with supplies and allows buyers to make their desired purchases.

Until now, there are more than 500 exchanges and many more exchanges are holding ICOs, one of which is BitcoinBing. BitcoinBing is made to solve several problems experienced by many exchanges, including:

  • Infrastructure; many exchanges have basic deficiencies in their operating structure, such as the capacity to withstand heavy transaction loads and enormous fluctuations.

  • Inferior Security; many exchanges have become victims of hacking, which makes them close.

  • Irrational Parameters; exchange rates and transaction conditions imposed by exchanges are unfair to take a lot of money from users.

  • Customer Service; most exchanges do not have a strong structure or protocol to handle customer complaints or problem-solving, which makes customers angry and frustrated.

  • Globalization; many exchanges are made only for one country or region.

  • Transaction Fees; transaction and handling fees of existing exchanges can be as high as two-digit percentages.

The Solution

BitcoinBing is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with unique features and improvements that will empower traders along with the entire market. This platform offers all services provided by other exchanges such as spot trading, margin trading, anonymous instant exchanges, and decentralized exchanges.

In addition, Bitcoinbing also offers the ability to over-the-counter, peer-to-peer fiat, and cryptocurrency trading in a flexible and safe manner. In BitcoinBing, users signify the cryptocurrency they have and what exchange rate they want to sell, and other users respond and negotiate until an agreement is reached. After that, a smart contract (containing an escrow mechanism) is approved to ensure that no user can obtain fiat or cryptocurrency from other users without paying the agreed exchange rate.

BitcoinBing has transaction processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000 orders/second. BitcoinBing users will avoid the difficulty of waiting for their orders to exit the queue.

BitcoinBing Features
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  • Multiple Currency Pairs
    The BitcoinBing platform offers multiple currency pairs to make multiple transactions simultaneously.

  • Full Stack Trading Desk
    This desk allows users to invest by taking into account risks, notifying parameters, straightening transactions, notifying users of the total amount of assets on the dashboard, and allowing users to calculate the profits they make.

  • Desktop & Mobile Friendly
    The BitcoinBing platform is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

  • Risk Management
    BitcoinBing has integrated its framework and operations with risk management to protect every trader from future market dangers.

  • Information Compiling
    BitcoinBing platform will collect information for personal records and tax obligations that are made as simple as possible. This feature will help users track random information that can be needed at any time.

  • Customization
    This feature allows users to exchange in their own way.

  • Trading Competition and Airdrop Distribution

  • Token Buyback
    Once a quarter, 50% of the exchange trading fees will be used to buy and burn BING.

  • Security
    BitcoinBing has evaluated every aspect of security and made a solid platform to counter any security threats.

  • Live Chat 24/7
    BitcoinBing will provide live chat support 24/7 to help users immediately in any question or problem.

BitcoinBing Token

Token symbols: BING

Token type: Utility

Total tokens: 1 billion

Tokens for sale: 150 million

1 BING = 0.5 USD

Soft Cap: 4M USD (reached)

Hard Cap: 40M USD

*trading using BING gives traders zero trading fee

The ICO is in progress and will end on November 14. Until now, more than 50 million BING have been sold. For more info, visit the website and download the whitepaper.


ANN Thread:

Whitepaper: bing.pdf


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