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*Globally, technology has been improving rapidly. This has brought with it a lot of opportunities in all spheres of life. Economically, socially, and culturally, the internet continues to greatly impact on nations, communities, institutions, and the individual. Today we continue to embrace new ideas like e-governance, e-learning, e-banking, and of course, e-commerce, and most importantly the BLOCKCHAIN among others. Lots of opportunities are being created, particularly in the aspect of industrial innovation.

The blockchain is a form of technology that introduces for the first time, a cryptographic secure digital database of transactions that does not possess the points of failure and security issues of traditional databases. Its unique characteristics provide the potential for blockchain based products and services to disrupt many business models in many industries.

Technological changes are already having a dramatic impact on how charities fundraise, and the way people choose to give to and support causes they care about, even though the impact is still very little.

Virtually everyone is aware of the problems that plagues the charity and the philanthropy industry. As no sector is left out with the issue of lack of trust and transparency, it is obvious that even the charity industry cannot overcome these obstacles.*

For the first time ever, a blockchain project called HUMANCOIN with the potential to develop into a global aggregator of a multitude of loyalty programs has emerged in the e-commerce field due to support from the charity industry.

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The Humancoin platform offers viable and long-term solutions to charity industry through the consolidation of three revolutionary processes, the cryptocurrency markets, blockchain technology and e-commerce loyalty programs. The platform brings together all stakeholders, including donors, recipients and e-commerce users. The company has built an interface that allows participants to send donations quickly and interactively to their chosen countries, monitor transactions, and can view reports.

It is a blockchain platform that brings together donors, recipients and e-commerce players. The platform's interface lets participants quickly send donations to any country in the popular currency, to monitor
transactions and view reports on their charitable activities, as well as to use international customer loyalty programs. The platform is designed with the goal of facilitating the process of interaction between philanthropists and beneficiaries to the greatest possible extent. The advantage of the blockchain solution is that the benefits of working with the platform is evident. All the data generated from the receipt and movement of the donations will be available to anyone who wishes, for example, to donate money towards the development of a new cancer drug, and to an airline that encourages such actions by awarding such a donor with promotional miles.

The Application of Blockchain smart contract can eliminates the long charity chain and the middlemen involved in the transactions. This includes; NGOs, Banks, Law Firms and State Bodies. Importantly, Philanthropists are the biggest winner and they tend to benefit massively from this platform. It enables them to monitor the transaction and the recipients of grants are only able to expend the resources on worthwhile projects after meeting mandatory conditions.

The humancoin ecosystem provide a way for users to get closer to the charity but also for the charity to get closer to those within their wider public networks. It will enable constant access on the platform, creating a flow of information. As well as helping charities to understand their supporters, it also helps all the users to manage their interactions within the platform. for example, allowing philanthropist to monitor the amounts that they donate, look at previous donation history and view a map that shows where the money has been spent.


• Token Name: HUMA

• Platform: Ethereum

• Standard: ERC20

• Quantity: 3,055,000,000 HUMA

• Price: 1 HUMA = $ 0.01

• Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC

• Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD

• Hard cap: 26,000,000 USD

• The presale will be from the 1st of July to 15th of August, 2018.

• The token sale will be from the 15th of September to the 1st of November 2018.


• 3 055 mln: For sale

• 1 000 mln: Partnership Development Fund

• 600 mln: Team reward

• 600 mln: Advisors and ambassadors

• 500 mln: Consultants and exchanges

• 245 mln: Bounty, airdrop and referral program

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