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Cryptocurrency Market

At present, many projects have emerged to provide products and services that facilitate the use of cryptocurrency for mainstream users and build infrastructure for applications running on blockchain. There are four key cryptocurrency industry sectors: exchange, wallet, payment, and mining.

Currently, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency traded with the number of unique users who are actively using the cryptocurrency wallet estimated to be between 2.9-5.8 million.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Exchange is one of the first services to emerge in the cryptocurrency industry. Exchange plays an important role in the cryptocurrency economy by offering markets for trade, liquidity and price discovery. Crypto exchange provides services to buy and sell cryptocurrency and other digital assets for national currencies and other cryptocurrencies.

P2P Broker Exchange

P2P exchanges have not gained more popularity but there are still only 2 of 51 P2P exchanges that provide a decentralized market for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Currently, Localbitcoin and Plaxful dominate the BTC P2P Exchange market worldwide.

In the last few weeks of March 2018, Localbitcoin and other P2P exchange trading volumes have witnessed a surge in volume (75 million USD per week) on various markets.

The advantages offered by P2P Exchange include:

  1. People deal with people. This provides unmatched flexibility in a decentralized trading environment.
  2. Ability to negotiate with people directly, rate, and share their trading experiences.

BQT Platform

The BQT Exchange Platform provides a safe, interactive and flexible P2P trading environment and an easy-to-use interface for managing various types of crypto asset transactions.

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The BQT platform allows traders to negotiate their crypto asset trades directly and share their experiences with the community.

The purpose of BQT is to build a community and culture of crypto traders, help the community and benefit from the community.

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To increase holdings of various crypto assets, BQT introduced the Hedge Trades system. The BQT Hedge Trade system is a flexible method for traders who acquire crypto asset in a short period of time by means of escrow their existing crypto.

BQT Token

Token name: BQTX

Token issued during ICO: 200,000,000

1 ETH: 800 BQTX

Total token: 800,000,000

To maintain token liquidity, 600,000,000 tokens will be frozen and will be released as needed for company expansion, marketing, and loyalty programs.

ICO is LIVE, raised 12.8 M USD. For more information, visit BQT website and download whitepaper.




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