Are you in awe that Papusha Rocket ICO will be the latest technology to destroy oil refineries residues around the world? Instead of destroying flora and fauna, refineries get gasoline and diesel fuel for selling.

PRT ICO produces small-capacity oil refining units to process black oil fuel and produce liquid fuel by using the transonic combustion technology. Every day refineries worldwide generate 1.35 million tons of residues. Depending on its capacity, one PRT-2 unit processes 30-90 tons of wastes per day. The market requires dozens of thousands of PRT-2 units.

It is important to mention that it goes about recycling of new residues only, which allows not to cause additional pollution of our planet. Processing of the accumulated deposits and lakes requires the volume that is several times higher than this.


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Papusha Rocket Technology -Website: the world's First rocket‑space technology of producing fuel from coal and waste oil from the developer of the program "Energy-Buran" academician A. I. Papusi

The transonic combustion technology developed by A. I. Papushey for the elimination of supertoxic waste has found its application in the field of oil refining: thanks to small modifications, the innovative installation was able to do the previously impossible – from practically unused waste oil to produce such popular products as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and very valuable synthetic oil. This technology was included in the UN list under the name of the author of "Papusha Rocket Technology" (PRT) and on its basis this ICO is launched.

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PRT installations opens the possibility for investors to enter into the development of a new super-profitable business - the installation will help to solve the problem of negative industrial impact on the environment - PRT installation will help to establish waste-free production at the oil refining and oil production sites.

Small PRT-2 units allow to produce up to 60% of liquid fuel at the output. There are no analogues of PRT-2 in the world, and several large oil refineries are already very interested in its acquisition.

The price of selling a new and ready-to-use PRT-2-30 unit is about$ 950 000, which is several times less than the cost of less effective competitors ' offers. The payback of the installation at the most modest estimates comes in 5-7 months, which is a record for the industry. PRT-2 units will be produced of 3 types of capacity: 30, 60 and 90 tons of processing per day.


Countries and companies engaged in refining, will receive the following advantages, using the Papusha Rocket Technology:

Obtain liquid goods from unused raw materials
Environment improvement
Highly efficient processing of heavy oil and many more
PRT token application and prospects

To understand the value of the PRT token, as well as its growth prospects, we first collect all the necessary data:

It is based on the low power setting PRT-2

Cost price $450.000

Sale price is $950,000

Net profit from one PRT - $2 500.000

If you purchase PRT tokens you make a contribution to saving the planet and get all the advantages of token holders. Toughening environmental requirements emphasize the relevance of the development, and the favorable economy of the token allows investors to profit from the real sector of the economy. It should be noted that the profit of the project is formed not only due to the implementation of installations. Customers can also rent a PRT-2 or benefit from sharing it.

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