What is the Forest to Project?

The docking is a challenge of introducing a brand new ecosystem that includes a FOREST (community members) work in ideas akin to networking, communicating, and connecting. The ecosystem is used to assist the consumer to get hold of repayment for his or her posts on social media.

The establishment of the ico One largest situation in social media is the transparency of data. Users won't get hold of repayment for his or her content. While a few customers might get income, in simple terms the maximum 5% of content material pages are recognized.

In the Forest, might be utilized through the customers of the coin PTON to pay for his or her content. The laying device is extra concentrated on creating content material and focuses on a device of voting. It is higher than the research of the content material of the visitors and we could them share news in a decentralized way.

The forest is designed for of us interested in social media platform. It helps all of the codecs of video content, text, pictures, reside broadcasting, and create a social community primarily founded on present companies that discuss content.

Makes it likely for the forest to the creators of content material from around the international to benefit. The thought of the brand new tokens of social media can swap your content material in a money. Planting is primarily founded at the introduction of the bitcoin and a philosophy shared through Satoshi Did moto and John Rawls in an extra simply society. Accordingly, ought to clear up the community of Forest to naught the asymmetric news that permeates our society, enforces the reasonable contract, stocks according to their ability, and stocks of energetic contribution to every other. The implantation is a blockchain-based social media platform that deviated from the distribution device to standard systems of social media. It adds a reasonable device of distribution of price for customers who truly owned the platform.


  • Support for content: The conferences are supposed to make use of blockchain to assist customers to treat their content. Using this feature, it offers customers the finest technology to obtain or add many elements of content material seamlessly.
  • Simplified substitute of Coin: the plan of chopping to permit customers so as to characteristic to the worth of content material through creating a secure platform converter to get sales in return.
  • User Interface: the goal of Forest it really is to create a convenient and delicate provider for his or her users. This provider could be higher incredibly than a problem.
    -Privacy and security: a most important facet of the technology of blockchain is the decentralized nature of it. This characteristic adds essentially probably the foremost privateness and security practices for customers simply due to the fact there isn't any one entity that controlled the operation.
  • Optimizing devices: The forest that has various ecosystems that accompany the lifestyles of people. This permits them to impression their content material on their devices.

FOREST To Network Value Chain:

The FOREST To Which Network is ready up in three departments.

  1. FOREST ': Blockchain primarily founded rewarding Social media
  2. FOREST Bank ': Financial Services for the FOREST To community participants
  3. FOREST To Lab ': offering infrastructure and helping the creators of content
  4. Providing news on credits score rating
  5. Financial services
  6. Use of infrastructure and creating higher content
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    While separating the purposes and responsibilities of every Department, the major worth of the FOREST To Network will stay the same. They are designed in a layout whereby they systematically dialogue and create synergies.

In the coronary middle of the FOREST To The three departments of Network is the FORESTING users. The degree of the beginning of content material and participation of FOREST platform To consumer refers to scalability and effect To FOREST Network. The beginning level for the FOREST To Network mechanism is from those who supply content material and participants. It can also be comparable to the primary quantity of FOREST To Network, a simply international created by the participants.

Protection Features:

FOREST To seem to introduce a brand new ecosystem that contains a FOREST (community members) running on the idea of networking, connecting and communicating. The ecosystem also applies to right here features:

FOREST To Platform

The part of FOREST That operates as a blockchain social media platform that works below a decentralized gadget for the distribution of moderate value.


The middle of the FOREST To Network is to supply monetary providers to hold wages content. It is handy via virtual finance institutions, FOREST Bank.


In addition to assisting sports on the FOREST To Network, there can also be help for groups and marketing sports of creators of content.
Blockchain Based Rewarding Social Media ' FOREST '

"Connecting to the international and making life extra important" FOREST is the chain of a platform permitting customers to the anticipated contributions of content material supplier to supply the gift utilizing a distributed job consensus.

The FOREST is designed to type a community by distributing sales even moderate content material generation and research of contents of users. It helps all varieties of content, regardless of even if text, images, video, audio, or reside broadcasting, and adds a social community primarily founded on a carrier offered in respect of content.

PTON Ecosystem:

PTON is a coin used within the FOREST. The quantity of inventory PTON refers to the quantity of the gift Fund for participants that assist within the FOREST. Unlike ordinary ways of mining, PTON is created by the contributions of participants within the FOREST. PTON ensures that these who contribute to the advantage of FOREST from app.

Details of a gross income of Tokens:

To FOREST Network is founded mostly on PTON Tokens; an ethereum that constructed cash to ERC-20. The majority of points 24-Bn PTON tokens could be sold, whereas others could be distributed during California.

Tokens: PTON

PreICO price: 1 ETH = 50,000 PTON

Price: 1 ETH = 33,333 The PTON

Bonus: Available

MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Acceptance: ETH

Minimum investment: 1 ETH

Soft cap: 90,000 EH

Hard caps: 170,000 ETH

Country: Singapore

Whitelist/KYC: KYC
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So, it might probably word that the very vital merit of a watering challenge is:

  1. convenient and huge interface;
  2. As-monetize content material and reasonable distribution of sales funds;
  3. marketing aid for all participants at the platform;
  4. Access to all pc programs and gadgets.
  5. Welcomes and helps the platform content material of any format.
  6. Features have viewed the interests of all categories of users.
  7. Protection, manage and confidentiality of your news and data.
  8. growing cellular applications.
    Also very vital is the actuality that Forest firms to make use of blocking technology, so everything could be very obvious at the platform!
    The Forest that Company conducts ICO for the implementation of this project, wherein you possibly can participate..

Planning of the ICO

The PTON tokens may be given a complete 24 billion (24 billion) to tokens with ERC-20, with 40% of the complete token set to buy. Participants of ICO can get hold of the switch through the way of indexed pockets Exchange or the pockets To FOREST after the release of the FOREST To mainnet.

General Information

Total emission 24billion PTON
Name tokens PTON purchase Ether (ETH)
Ethereum founded mostly pre-first PTON sale of Tokens 1 ETH = 49,999.5 PTON
Standard ERC-20 initial PTON sale of Tokens 1 ETH = 33,333 PTON

Token Distribution