Crypto-games are a real demand; in recent months, different games have surfaced using crypto in one way or another. However, despite the progressive growth, only a small number of them have adequately integrated the innovative mechanics of Ethereum or Bitcoin, powerful tools that offer a genuine decentralized experience. In essence, most of these games – with specific exceptions (i.e., Crypto Kitties) – could pass as ordinary.

Even so, the flexibility of this technology proves that its elements could be integrated seamlessly into games without destroying what made them fun in the first place. That is why Betform has developed a unique platform where the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain generates a reformulation of approaches, showing a real opportunity to generate tokenized profits based on bets and immutable algorithms.

The Betform Platform

The gaming industry had grown significantly in 2018, standing out as one of the driving fields for digital innovation. The co-founders of Betform, Edward Yeoh and JW Lai, concluded that they needed to transfer all the virtues of a blockchain network into an entertainment platform where all the participants could benefit.

The digital environment – which is currently working on the last details to release it in 2019 – is built on the successful ERC20 protocol (Ethereum), bringing high-tech attributes such as smart contracts and public ledgers capacities. It will also have a web version for PC and an App aimed for both global markets of Google Play Store and Apple Store.

A Reliable Alternative

How many of you love a good poker game? Many of us grew up with the tradition of watching our parents or relatives invite several friends to their homes to bond and ending the day with some extra money. That tradition, however, has been discontinued by our busy schedules; at the same time, we see how other technological trends that at first caused skepticism now stand out as alternative income tools.

Unlike other pastimes, everything is supported by the transparent Betform blockchain, with its data being replicated in nodes throughout the world available for user’s authentication at all times. The repertoire of games is:
Mah-jong: The quintessential board game of the Chinese dynasties brought to the digital age, the game is composed of 144 cards of different types in which four players have to go combining them forming stairs, trios, and quartets.Big Two: Of Chinese origin and still very popular throughout the region, the game consists of distributing the entire deck (or only one part) between two or more participants. The first person to play all their cards is the one who wins.In Between: Starting the order from left to right, each player take turns divided into three stages; first receiving two “hidden cards” facing down, to ultimately obtain a third one facing up. The concept is to bet if the third belongs or not between the first two.Texas hold ’em: This is a variation of the well-known poker game. Two cards are dealt face-down for each of the players, and then five more cards are dealt again, this time face-up, during three different stages of the game. The purpose is to get the best poker hand.

We can summarize the main benefits granted by the platform in four key points:
Tokenized System: Players will acquire Betform Coins Utility (BFC) directly from the platform. Thus, all of the payment processes are boosted, not requiring traditional currencies and different conversion methods for each region.Savings: Compared to the high transaction fees owed by conventional platforms, Betform and its blockchain technology allow very low fees. It also increases the demand and liquidity by burning 5% of the reserve at the end of every quarter.Infallible: The intuitive interface counts on security algorithms that make it impossible to cheat. It also provides utterly random card decks, certified by the Private Independent Gaming Testing Laboratory.Reward System: Users can also generate extra profits by opting for rewards and goals achieved within the platform.

Auctioning 40% of the tokens, the Betform Token Sale will start on January 8, 2019. As an extra feature, users who commit first will apply for the early-bird program and receive additional tokens plus their initial purchase.

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