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People around the world enjoy gaming as a source of entertainment. The increase in competition and a decline in revenues in the casinos, has led to the development and modification of loyalty programs. Gambling has been around for decades and has immensely grown and evolved over the years. However, thanks to the technology and the immense use of the internet, the world of gambling has slowly taken over the internet and online gaming industry. Gaming has remained one of the most profitable industries since last six decades. The current generation is enjoying playing video games on devices with lightning fast processing and the graphics quality is also incredibly crystal clear and more realistic. HOST.GAMES is here as the only gaming protocol designed for emerging markets. With over $ 100 million in bets already placed on its current poker platform.


Host.Games is the only gaming protocol designed for emerging markets. With over $ 100 million in bets already placed on its current poker platform. And the Protocol provides the first complete casino gaming infrastructure that provides comprehensive functionality for players, operators and developers.

Furthermore, it is known that the video game industry is one of the fastest growing markets and with this knowledge, Host.Games aims to penetrate this market and create a decentralized platform that allows users to host games on the net without any set up costs. This platform is extremely scalable and allows access to their SDKs to innovate and create new products.

Host.Games are interrupting the game industry and we need the smartest and most talented people to put their vision into life. More importantly, it is absolutely necessary that the people working towards such disruptions are the first gamers in the heart. The team has a lot of gamers trusting in the mission and they believe this is one of the biggest reasons to bet on Games on the server.

The Problem with The Online Gaming Industry

The absence of lucidity or transparency is one of the problems impeding the efficiency of the online gaming.

Distrust between the game owners or operators and the players is another problem faced in the online gaming industry as this makes it uninteresting.

Homogeneity of the gaming platform, giving the players the same gaming experience every time, this kills their passion for the platform as they keep playing the same thing over and over again.

The high cost of obtainment is another shortcoming in the online gaming industry as this stops the players or participants from acquiring the desired game.

Its inability to be scaled improved or made more efficient is another challenge of the online gaming industry.

All this makes the supposed fun and beneficial online gaming inefficient and unproductive.

The Benefits

Costs are almost zero

The cost of platform setup, platform maintenance costs and transaction costs in platforms is very low, almost zero.


Each user can become an owner of an online gaming platform, build themselves and earn revenue from there.

Unlike the centralized platform, it has to attract a large number of players to begin to make a profit. With HostGames, just one player is already able to make money.

Players are your friends on social networks, so it's more fun and trusting.


Support for thousands of commercial grade gaming dApps on the platform.


Platform has built-in, role-based flexibility to allow for tiered actions and authorization.


Platform provides SDK, tools and utilities for game developers.

Parallel processing

Host protocol will support parallel processing for large games. That means there will be more computers and CPUs supporting your game, making sure it's stable.

Supports millions of concurrent users

With scalability, Blockchain technology delivers instant performance, delivering the best user experience.


The Host protocol will support smart software and contracts so you can enhance or customize your applications with new features.

Low latency

Host protocol will reduce latency to the maximum level in transactions in the platform.

Play channels

It allows transactions between parties is peer-to-peer . In a transaction, money is committed and locked in smart contracts. Transactions are only accepted when all parties sign.

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How it works

As a host

You can invite players from their social networks.

You set the rules

You customize the in-game configurations accordingly

You set up smart contracts according to your rules

Intelligent contracts ensure fair and transparent games and transactions

The Advantages

With decentralized platform, anyone can be a host

Host will receive 99% of generated revenue

Host only need one players up to generate revenue and profit

Enhanced player experience with friends.

Token Sale Details

Token Symbol - HOST Token
Price1 HOST = 0.00625 USD
Platform - Ethereum
Accepting - ETH
Soft cap - 2M USD
Hard cap - 25M USD
Total Supply - 10 Billion
Country - Malta


Purchasers will be required to go through a mandatory registration process that will take place in Q2 2018. Registered purchasers will then be able to participate in the first 24 hours of the token launch.

Detailed registration and purchase instructions will be announced soon on our blog. Purchasers must have a user-controlled Ethereum address at the time of registration. This registered Ethereum address will be white listed for purchasing Host token in the Host token sale; one will not be able to purchase Host token from a non-registered Ethereum address during the first 24 hours of the token sale. If any Host token has not been sold after 24 hours, the token sale willbe opened up to non-whitelisted participants as well.


5% Bounty and subcontractors
5% Advisors
25% Founding Team and Employees
25% Company Reserve
40% Public Contributors

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