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The Problem

Fossil-fueled vehicles (diesel, gasoline, etc.) cause 85% of air pollution which directly or indirectly causes global warming and affects human health.

Health risks from air pollution can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, even cancer, which can burden humans in the future to cover the huge medical and care costs. A data states that air pollution causes 30,000 premature deaths every year.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a technology that changes the existing technology in vehicles to reduce air pollution. In addition, the role of the government is needed to implement policies for vehicle manufacturers or vehicle users, such as increasing emission standards, and so on.

The Solution

Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are cars that use two or more engines, namely electric motors and conventional machines (either gasoline or diesel). Electric machines drive the car at a lower speed and the gas engine at a higher speed. Cars not only save fuel but also produce less CO2 emissions.
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Hybrid cars have many advantages, such as:

  1. Hybrid cars are much cleaner and require less fuel, thus reduce dependence on fossil fuels, save fuel, and save energy.

  2. Lower annual tax bills and less money for fuel.

  3. Regenerative Braking System, the battery charges when the driver applies the brakes while driving.

  4. Hybrid cars are made from lighter materials which save a lot of energy.

Careonchain Platform

Careonchain is the first and only decentralized blockchain based on hybrid vehicle technology research and development. The Careonchain aims to bring a revolution in the hybrid car industry by making the whole world act as a research and development center for Hybrid technology in the automotive sector.
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Careonchain aims to provide a single platform for sharing hybrid vehicle data, innovation, projects, and research work by making the whole world a center of innovation and research and development for technology in the automotive sector. This will increase the level of hybrid vehicle technology to a new level and will help both automotive producers, government, and society to fight pollution problems and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
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Careonchain will collect all relevant information about new and latest hybrid vehicle technology, including research reports, journals, mileage, and other relevant information. The necessary information can be used in the vehicle market by creating a decentralized and transparent blockchain database that records all ongoing research information around the world for the development of hybrid vehicles.

Initially, Careonchain focused on developing hybrid car technology, which will help users in the production of low-cost and high-performance hybrid vehicles. In the future, Careonchain token (REO) will be used to upload research works, purchase research works, and in the future, REO tokens can be used to purchase hybrid cars and can be used on e-commerce websites.

Careonchain Token

REO is a utility token that will be used in all activities on the Careonchain Platform. Participants in the Careonchain Network who want to trade and use all of its features will need to hold a REO token.

Token symbol: REO

Total tokens: 360M REO

Token price: 0.09-0.24 USD

Soft cap: 2M USD (achieved)

Hard cap: 20M USD

To ensure token holders get the right value from their tokens, Careonchain will start burning 1-2 million tokens every month from January 2019, for 36 months.

ICO is LIVE and will end in 3 days. 75M REO sold and 6M USD raised! For more info, visit Careonchain website and download the whitepaper.




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