The Problem

Currently, blockchain technology is being popular and experiencing significant development. Blockchain technology provides convenience in business and transaction processes, transparency and security, reducing costs, and eliminating third parties. However, the acceptance of this technology is not yet common and still difficult in the community.

Crypto currencies are tools or resources on the blockchain network. Crypto currencies can be obtained in various ways, one of which is by mining. This activity requires a very large electricity supply, which is 0.18% of the world’s power consumption. This number continues to increase, even in recent months, Bitcoin energy consumption has increased by 30%.

Large electricity needs and increased mining activities have resulted in many mining companies operate in countries where fossil energy sources are relatively cheap. This certainly contributes to climate change. In addition, there is a philosophical threat to a distributed ledger system and increases the risk of market manipulation.

The Solution

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) provides a decentralized blockchain infrastructure and environmentally friendly mining facilities, which are only supported by renewable energy, in unused buildings in the Swiss Alps through sophisticated modular cube systems.

SAE aims to be an energy supplier, energy sales platform, and neutral node network provider through SAM Power Plant, SAM Cubes, and SAM Centers. SAE provides the foundation for many applications, such as storing financial assets and transfers, tracking products through blockchain and IoT in logistics and transportation, electronic records in health care, and identity management.

SAM Power Plant

SAE produces sustainable and cost-effective power to operate SAM Cubes through SAM Power Plants. SAM can also rent space and electricity to competitors reverse feeding into the public electricity network.

In the future, SAE will launch SAM Power Net. SAM Power Net is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that brings together energy producers (households or industries with energy recovery) and energy consumers, which allows end users to directly buy energy at a cheaper price.

SAE supports the decentralization and digitization of energy through tokenisation and integrated Internet of Things (IoT) for the purchase or exchange of electricity. This decentralized network is based on smart metering hardware, smart agents, smart applications that negotiate optimal rates through AI, and smart contracts.

SAM Cubes

SAM Cube is flexible and modular mining that provides cutting-edge automation and requires little maintenance. In addition, Cube SAM is equipped with a highly efficient ventilation unit and an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system. The ORC system uses waste heat from the mining process to produce electricity and thus uses the waste heat generated to recover energy. The ORC system is a special feature of SAM Cube that saves energy consumption by up to 50% compared to other mining facilities. SAE is the first company in the world to use an ORC system that offers effective solutions to global mining problems.


SAM cube communicates with a central management platform that monitors cubes and sets each parameter cube optimally to maximize mining and profits. SAM Cube consists of an aluminum box and a ventilation system that is adapted to its use. Currently there are 2 cube models that can be equipped with Asic or GPU miners:

  1. SAM Unit 1.
    This cube is 4x2x2 meters in size and can operate 50 Asic miners with a total capacity of 1650 TH/s and several GPU rigs with a total capacity of 5000 MH/sec. This cube can produce around 124 ETH and 22 Bitcoin per year.

  2. SAM Unit 2.
    This cube is 8x2x2 meters in size with a total capacity 2 times of the SAM Unit 1, which is 3300 TH/s and 10000 MH/s.

Currently, SAM Cubes is only equipped with mining rigs to mine ETH and Bitcoin. In the near future, SAM Cubes will allow mining of almost all crypto currencies.

The SAM Cubes are located at high altitudes, so no additional air conditioning system is needed for mining facilities, because the average annual temperature in the Swiss Alps is below 150 C. With the concept of specially made ventilation, the costs will also be reduced.

SamaiX, SAM Smart Mining

SAE customers can join with SamaiX, SAM Smart Mining made by SAE. SamaiX is used to calculate the most profitable coins for miners, then make suggestions for miners so they can adjust their mining.


SamaiX does not act autonomously. SamaiX is a miner’s decision support system based on miner activity profile by evaluating market price and volume variations to forecast supply and demand and to provide the best options for miners.

SAM Center

SAM Centers are branch offices to be installed in each alpine area where SAM cube operates. In addition to the benefits of protecting cultural assets, local municipalities can take advantage of tax revenues. Also, SAE will recruit and train local talent for services in places such as on-call duty and security.

SAM Blockchain

  1. SAM PaaS

SAE offers a platform as a service (PaaS) that offers customers the appropriate freedom. Initially, the 5 to 10 blockchain frameworks selected will be available on SAM PaaS, including the framework that SAE has set for KYC/AML solutions and electricity distribution based on blockchain technology. On SAM PaaS, users can create their own DLT network for production or development within minutes.


SAM KYC/AML is a SAE service that allows banks, governments or e-commerce stores to verify their customers in a simplified way, customers do not need to disclose comprehensive data. The KYC/AML SAM concept works as follows:

The user registers all personal information and is confirmed by a recognized institution.
Data is encrypted and stored on public or private blockchain, such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Burrow.
As a result of this concept, user data is fragmented and must first be collected again so that it can be seen in its entirety.

  1. SAM Power Plant

SAE connects the two worlds of technology today to offer a simple and smart solution for selling electricity to the industry. Blockchain technology together with IoT can substantially reduce costs by storing, implementing and managing contracts with consumers.

Intelligent meters are linked to the blockchain and IoT devices. On the cutoff date, meter readings that calculate the usage and the amount to be paid by consumers are sent to each smart contract. After the consumer pays the amount owed, the service delivery will continue.

SAM Token

SAM Tokens are used as payment instruments in SAE mining, purchasing power, renting and buying SAM mining units, hosting blockchain on decentralized SAM Units, and developing blockchain-based services such as global KYC. Token SAM will be traded outside the SAM platform on all relevant exchanges.

Token symbol: SAM

Total supply: 119,841,269

Standard: ERC-20

ICO is LIVE, raised almost 10.6 M USD. For more info, visit SAM website and download the whitepaper.

Website: https://swissalpsmining.io/

ICO website: https://tokensale.swissalpsmining.io/

Telegram: http://t.me/swissalpsminingICO

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