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Everest ICO - Decentralized Identity Platform, this can be a localized mobile application that offers users management over what they record, transfer, update or store. Everest proposes an answer – A localized platform comprising of 3 sections, a digital biometric identity system for storage and verification of user identity information known as EverID, a inbuilt multi-currency billfold with document storage known as EverWallet, and ever EverChain the blockchain based mostly dealings platform. It options a native biometric identity system, EverWallet, and a multi-currency billfold so as to deliver an entire answer to its users.

Everest provides its users a universal identity and consequently access to any or all services to sustain life. The identity network is localized and autonomous and permits users to guard their identity information across platforms like licenses, voting Ids, and biometric Ids that's cryptographically secured at the granular level. making international access to monetary services and permitting total monetary inclusion permits Everest to unlock the large economy of the rising markets. individuals across the globe are going to be sceptered and have additional economic opportunities.

Everest ICO Works

There are many terms that you just have to be compelled to bear in mind once it involves Everest. There are EverWallet, EverID Token, CRDT Crypto and EverChain. each of the elements can have its own functions and here is that the fast summary of each of them.


EverID here refers to the localized identity platform that is used by the Everest. it's a localized application for mobile that delivers its users management over something they record, update, store or transfer.


This feature are going to be enclosed to the EverID app. The billfold are going to be able to support numerous sorts of currency and additionally document storage. it'll be accessible to accompany organization so as to incorporate into different solutions of computer code.


For the EverChain, it truly refers to the underlying of technology that records all the transactions you have done inside the Everest system. It will deal with everything from the straightforward exchange valuable to document sharing. All the info recorded are going to be secured into Ethereum blockchain.

Moreover, there'll be an ID token that becomes a utility token that makes the token holder able to access to the Identity Network yet as every exchange of the worth within the economy. getting payment can perpetually be free inside the system.

The Main Choice of Everest

Now there's no have to be compelled to visit a company's off-line workplace to urge the mandatory services - computing of Everest platform can confirm the identity of an individual by fingerprint and can enable remote operations only for many minutes. inbuilt digital identifiers enable a user to manage their electronic accounts, get loans, make sure the identity for the execution of social or economic transactions. Everest can enable an individual to totally management personal information.

Advantages of Everest

Everest project is predicated on the blockchain technology that permits to firmly store the denote information against unauthorized use. The constant companions of a localized system are good contracts that enable to quickly and cheaply conduct transactions employing a digital signature. Biometric confirmation of every operation isn't needed for operating inside the platform - each user enters personal account solely with a fingerprint. to start outperforming on the platform, it's necessary to travel through SCC and provision of biometric info. Special instrumentation isn't needed for this - simply attach your finger to a special active window on your smartphone.

Solutions of Everest

In addition, it'll be an honest factor for you to find out that there are some ways in which you'll be able to build use of the Everest. because of the climbable payment solutions that are allowed by the system, Everest uses cases embrace money transfer, micro-finance, micro-insurance, remittance, medical records, ID verification, and land.

For example, once it involves the money transfer, Everest can perform to facilitate the transfer of money between parties and so validate the money 100% thanks to the participants are verified biometrically.


With the existence of the Everest platform here, it looks like a replacement economy that has device-free identification are going to be potential. With this platform, it'll be additional seemingly to scale back prices associated with information verification and access. escape and fraud appear be able to be prevented yet. So, let’s be a part of this platform if you're interested.

Everest ICO Token
Detail: Everest ICO Token
Token ID
Price 1 ID = 0.09 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Country USA
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas China, Korea, Pakistan

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Everest ICO Roadmap
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