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The gaming industry continues to exceed expectations by leaps and bounds, there are huge areas for improvement, specifically in the areas of marketing, advertising, and of creating holistic gaming ecosystems.
The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has slowly been creeping into nearly every conceivable industry, and the gaming industry is no exception. Tokens like Digibyte, Refereum, Enjin Coin, and GameCredits, to name just a few, realize that the gaming world is fractured. Currently, gamers are amassing some of the largest followings in the world. They are what drive this astounding market growth, but they are rarely rewarded for their efforts. Instead, centralized platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Google, etc. make millions from ad revenue that rightly belongs to the people who create their traffic through their followings: the gamers. The gaming industry is going on the blockchain, and one of the company to embrace these is PLAYGAME . PlayGame is the cryptocurrency of this new ecosystem, and they are here to solve some of the fundamental problems of the gaming industry.


PlayGame is the first decentralized Crypto Arcade Playground to use blockchain technology to offer simple world class solutions for game developers to fund their projects. PlayGame is a blockchain platform which developing a decentralized place for game developers. The game developers will be able to very easily fund their projects on this platform. The platform also provides technical features such as smart contracts, expertise from management team etc. The crypto enthusiasts can play games with the helps of tokens and in turn can gain more tokens on winning. The solution provided by this project will solve the problems faced by indie game developers.

The number of mobile games has increased from 16 thousand to 3.5 million from the year 2009 till 2017. This creates problem to the game developers as they are not able to retain the players. Due to established studios present today, the indie games studios are facing problems with increasing CPI (Cost-Per-Installs) and competition F2P (Free-to-Play) Games. The game developers also need to pay high commissions to the platform providers which does not allow them to get the maximum profit.


Our mission is to help gamers, game developers, entrepreneurs, investors, advertisers, and other future-thinking crypto enthusiastic people convert their game ideas into fully-functional games that can be enjoyed by millions of people regardless of their location, origin, game devices or socioeconomic status.


PlayGame is providing solution to the indie game developers with the help of blockchain technology. The platform has integrated cryptocurrencies so that the indie game developers can easily fund their games and provide these games to the crypto enthusiasts. PXG token will be used on this platform. Payers need to pay PXG tokens to play games and participate in tournaments over this platform. The game developers also need to pay PXG tokens for getting their games listed on the platform. Gamers can support their favourite games to get listed by voting. Voting also require PXG tokens to be paid on the platform. Game developers can also reward tokens to their supporters.


Direct-to-play HTML5 gaming platform
To simplify marketing and distribution, we are creating A direct-to-play gaming platform where players can play HTML5 games directly from their desktop, mobile browser or even embedded on their own application. No application downloads required. Publishing your game to is not mandatory.

We will also be launching a crypto-powered crowdfunding platform that we called the FunFund Initiative.

FunFund Initiative

Cryptocurrency-powered crowdfunding platform
In the age of Kickstarter, you should be able let your fans fund your next game. Our FunFund Initiative can help you with that. Tapping in to the huge market of cryptocurrency holders, you are gaining access to people who already have digital money and are willing to spend it for the things they love.

PlayGame Blockchain-Powered Ecosystem

The blockchain will act as a multi-game database, securely storing all leaderboard scores and PXG. With the PXG token, PlayGame aims to create a digital decentralized arcade playground for Crypto-holders and traders, while also helping game developers and publishers to build their games without worrying about CPI-cost, costly team building and maintenance of F2P gameplay. Blockchain technology makes it possible for gamers to find, fund, play and win tokens from the games they love, and for game developers to build them.

PlayGame for Developers

For developers, the traditional way brings a lot of challenges, lack of transparency, inefficient payment calculation and distribution, piracy issues and high commissions from platform providers. provides game developers with an amazing chance to create games for Crypto - enthusiasts. Fun games where people pay tokens to play and compete to win more tokens of other cryptocurrencies. This solves the problem of acquiring, monetizing, and retaining users for indie game developers. It is also your initial decentralized Crypto Arcade Playground which utilizes blockchain technology to offer a simple world-class way for game developers to finance their awesome projects.
Also, the issues of transparency, inefficient payment calculation and distribution, piracy issues and high commissions from platform providers will be put to bed completely.

PlayGame for Gamers

Gamers will use their PXG to vote in a decentralized and transparent platform to get the work of their favorite game developer(s) listed on the platform. Gamers have an opportunity to increase the value of their PXG holdings by playing games.


Benefits for game publishers/developers

Open source SDK, easy to use with integrated wallet
Monetize directly to users, no gatekeeper fees and profit sharings*
Empowering games to use cryptocurrency in their game economy
No worries on fraud, chargebacks and other payment gateway problems as everything is built on top of blockchain technology
Full access to our crowdfunding platform (FunFund Initiative)
Benefits for gamers

Get rewarded with tokens while playing games
Full control of ownership of any virtual goods
Buy in-game purchase with PXG Token
Double your tokens by entering tournaments and staking your tokens
Trade PXG tokens in supported exchanges globally

PlayGame Token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token with smart contract platform enabling game publishers, developers and communities to monetise directly from cryptocurrency crowds all over the world.

PlayGame Token (PXG) will leverage on the Ethereum blockchain, the industry standard for issuing custom digital assets and smart contracts. As an ERC-20 token, PXG will be compatible with the existing Ethereum infrastructure, such as development tools, wallets, and exchanges.
The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows the deployment and execution of smart contracts, enabling complex issuance rules for crypto-currencies and automation of incentive structures. EVM eliminates any question of trust and protects the transacting parties against fraud.

Token – PXG
Total Supply – 1 Billion PXG
Price – 1 ETH = 18,000 PXG (Pre-Sale) & 1 ETH = 15,000 PXG (Crowd Sale)
Soft Cap – 200 Million PXG
Hard Cap – 600 Million PXG
Pre-Sale – 10th to 24th September 2018
Crowd Sale – 24th September to 22nd October 2018

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Token Distribution & Use of Funds
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