Hello ION Community, due to the Gravity tournament restructuring pause and core engine rewrite, we are temporarily suspending the Community Gravity Challenge game until the new Crypto Gravity release.

Check back here next week for a "NEW" game to fill the temporary void...


Ionomy: 10-14-2017

Gravity rewrite
The game developers working on Gravity have rewritten the core engine. The rewrite improves security, adds two new worlds (one more basic, one more advanced), and introduces a Gravity store featuring all the gear you need to maximize gameplay fun.

Gravity tournament restructured, paused
With the next release, ionomy will be restructuring the reward allocation for the Gravity weekly tournament, using ionomy Lightning. The new distribution is designed to encourage more widespread gameplay by offering more ways to win, thereby attracting more gamers to the ION economy.
Pending the next release, however, tournament payouts will be suspended. The tournament round ending Sunday, October 15th will be the last one paid out before the new release. Gamers will still be able to see their status on leaderboards.