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Today, according to statistics in our world is sold more than 1 billion smartphones per year. There are also estimates that by 2020 about 6 billion smartphones will be used. The average memory capacity of the phone is 32 Gb., Which users do not use until the end. Multiplying the data of this statistics, we can conclude that we do not use a large number of consolidated memory of smartphones, which could bring many benefits.

If you connect also unused memory of laptops, tablets, PCs, then you get huge numbers of free memory that can be included in the system.

Demand for the use of data warehouses around the world is very large. Starting from a different kind of business and ending with state-level institutions, where everyone needs a quick and safe placement of their data. As they say - "demand creates supply." A proposal that the Module project is ready to offer.

MODULE is a blockchain-based platform designed to utilize the free storage of smartphones, PCs, servers, etc. as an asset. MODULE (MODL) – An innovative blockchain platform, based on PoSTT! Proof of Space, Time and Transaction. Using the MODULE platform, one will be able to participate in mining even from a smartphone. Servers and enterprises can also participate in mining.

MODULE employs a new transaction approval algorithm. It is a new technology platform that enables everyone to participate in mining, even from a mobile device. In addition to building DApps, users will also have the ability to issue new currencies on the platform. Module’s consensus (mining) algorithm makes it possible to earn rewards by lending out storage space. As the storage capacity of devices progresses and expands, one can expect the various services offered to expand. In addition to issuing new original coins, users will also be able to develop Dapps (decentralized applications) on the platform.

MODULE is suitable for storage of sensitive information because its distributed storage keeps data in fragments in many different places. It can be used to store information that should be kept secret from others.

In particular, by storing information in a distributed store like MODULE, one can enhance information security through “secret sharing”. In other words, if sensitive information is divided into fragmentary pieces of information and stored in separate places, information cannot be reproduced with only one fragment, but if several pieces are gathered, the information can be reproduced. This Secret Sharing method will be used in blockchain, and to build secure cloud
storage for the safe storage of sensitive information.

MODULE platform provides:


  • Best prices & guarantees thanks to a large number of competing storages
  • Visible and verifiable bids
  • Time-saving mobile smart contract system


  • Transferring data from the assets nearest to the recipient
  • As the Module gains popularity, more and more mobile storage capacities will be available to anyone irrespective of your location


  • Decentralized and verifiable storage
  • Strong forced end-to-end encryption
  • Data redundancy and self-healing
  • Proof of space, time and transaction for mining blocks



Internal testing will start from October 2018. The beta version will be distributed to users in December, after the completion of testing. The official release in Google Play and App Store is scheduled for January.


One of the features of our project is that a token holder = MODL user. The beta version of the MODL application will be distributed to the users who purchased a MODL token during the ICO. The more activity on the application, the more value of MODL to be distributed. Influencers will be used to propagate the App and acquire users. Press releases will begin in the Asian region from August 2018.


The goal is to develop content in which users can participate, such as advertising models and crowd funding. The release of unique content will improve user satisfaction.


MODL will expand user content and bring platforms to the world, thereby acquiring Module’s commercial area.


Module is a platform where any user of a smartphone, tablet or personal computer, having installed the appropriate application, will be able to earn tokens by allocating a certain place in the memory of his device for a certain period of time. This location will be involved in a cloud storage network for encoded information provided for storage by desirous based on p2p (equal to equal) smart contracts.

Despite the fact that the distribution of content is planned around the world, the emphasis is on the third world countries, for whose residents even small amounts of additional earnings play a significant role. Testing the beta version of the application is expected in October this year. Due to blockchain security and distribution secrecy, the MODULE application can be used in the field of Finance, logistics and other areas related to official documents.

With the expansion of the number of participants, it is expected to provide opportunities for everyone to develop their own blockchain applications. The existing smart contracts and secure blockchain will also allow startups to launch their own ICO (initial coin placement)

The unique Protocol PoSTT (proof of space, time and transaction) – confirmation of space, time and transaction - allows customers to pay for the storage, data transfer tokens of the ecosystem in proportion to the amount of memory and time for storage, the number of transactions. The following nodes are involved in the process of storage formation for rent:

  • Verifier-a node that needs a place to store its information, in other words, the client.
  • Farmer – a site that provides a free memory for hosting the data and making these coins.
  • Miner-node confirming transactions by smart contract by creating new blocks in the blockchain.

The linking server is located separately from the blockchain and is designed to connect the farmer and verifier, control the network and blockchain, as well as store metadata and select the farm network, which is based on the calculation of the location of the closer device.

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  • Module makes it simple for developers to build and deploy blockchain datastorage applications.
  • Gain access to Module’s solutions, which enable, you to store and manage your data privately, securely, independently and quickly.
  • Your data assets are stored at a blockchain address, which is fully controlled by you – the only person who can access them.
  • Take advantage of our platform’s Secret Sharing concept. Rent space and start mining – it’s easy with Module.
  • Use blockchain for fast deployment of your own service, pay for data, data storage and transfer services.
  • Use tokens to pay for system integrity and award miners, send payments to developers and contributors, support scientific labs and universities, create affiliate and loyalty systems etc.


  • Safety and lower costs
  • Tracked mining fee
  • Efficiency thanks to smart contracts
  • Great potential for development and expansion
  • High protection of information from hacking and loss.


MODL (Ethereum ERC-20 token) is a utility token in Module's cryptographic economy, where Module consumers can pay and producers can earn.

  • Token Name: MODULE
  • Token Symbol: MODL
  • Price token: 0.008 USD
  • Platform: ERC-20
  • Accepted Currency: ETH
  • Sale amount: $4 101 686.00
  • Soft cap $5M
  • Hard cap $18M


  • 16/JULY/2018 12:00P.M(UTC)
  • 1MODL COSTS 0.008USD


  • 1/AUG/2018 12:00P.M(UTC)
  • 1MODL COSTS 0.008USD

Token and Fund Distribution

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May 2018

  • Management of the token sale
  • Participation in Consensus 2018
  • Start of Module platform development
  • Start of MODL App development

July 16, 2018

  • Start of presale

July 31, 2018

  • End of presale

August 1, 2018

  • Start of ICO

September 30, 2018

  • End of ICO

September 2018

  • Listing on exchange
  • Start of development of the Secret Sharing service

October 2018

  • Building of mining server
  • Testing of MODL App beta version

November 2018

  • Testing of Module platform

December 2018

  • Start of Module platform operation
  • Distribution of MODL App beta version

January 2019

  • MODL App in Google Play and App Store


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The Module platform offers an interesting option for blockchain-based applications; most programs that use this technology depend on a relatively small community of users running powerful hardware, and ultimately fail to achieve the decentralization that they claim. Programmers interested in creating decentralized applications certainly ought to consider Module's platform upon its release, so long as it attracts enough hosts to operate smoothly.

Investors curious about the MODL token should carefully read the company's whitepaper, which explains the platform's architecture in great detail, and observe its demand among software developers. Investors should also consider that they won't see any return for at least several months, since the product is still early in its development.

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Author: JigaMola
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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.