The expansion of capitalism is deeply changing the global economic model. This hasn’t stopped with the major institutions and multinationals that have been created, managed and led through large capitalization; it has exceeded this to become the standard for all startups and medium projects, even individual ones.

With the arrival of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding has taken on a new format: the ICO (Initial Coin Offering)​. An ICO is a fundraising method that involves the issuance of tokens on a blockchain independently of a trusted third party. In this case the buyer does not hold a stake in the company, but a token that will allow him to use the service once the final product is developed, with the hope that its value will increase due to demand. This collection has several indisputable risks, however; in addition to any technical flaws, the company may be incompetent or fictitious. The project itself is not immune to a future shutdown or bad management.

Loligo is a decentralized launching platform for ICOs that is fair, peer-to-peer and blockchain-based. Blockchain implements smart contracts permitting a phased release of funds collected for the ICO while, ​at the same time, a collective right of withdrawal. The token is both mineable and environmentally friendly, consuming little energy thanks to dual mining. Miners can sell the tokens on recognized exchanges, and individuals will be able to use them to participate in fundraising, including those affiliated with the ICOSafe program. A range of services is available to facilitate governmental adoption of ICOs. The platform is open source and free.

What is LOLIGO

LOLIGO is the most secure and most exceptional ICO crowdfunding stage. It Offers token creation through LCC keen contracts. It guarantees a reasonable reserve circulation in view of developments and members’ vote. LOLIGO stage offers all the required instruments for a fruitful and expert ICO. LOLIGO safeguards an ideal similarity with Ethereum wallets and brilliant contracts and offers adaptable interoperability with Ethereum Dapps. It follows up on three principle levels: Trading, Funding and Services.

Loligo Solution

ICOs are facing two main issues

1- Security of Funds: Investors participating in ICO fundraising campaign does not have any contôl on funds once the ICO is finished. Many risks can happened while the funds are totally allocated to the funder: technical flaws, fictitious project, bad management, unexpected shutdown.

2- Professional Process: despite the fact that ICO fundraising have been practiced for several years, the ICO process is remaining the same. A centralized application or a smart contract launched in all purpose blockchain, coded without any standards and without any intelligent tools. The quality of service and support still poor.

LOLIGO Cryptocurrency and LOLIGO Professional Ecosystem is a blockchain based platform, accessible online or via smartphone app, that makes the lives of funders easier, give investors full control on ICO collected funds by the mean of periodic vote, and offers a wide range of professional services for funders, startups, and administration.

LOLIGO Features

What opportunities will the authors of ICO and investors have:

  • ICO development unit. Allows you to create, edit and publish your development on the Bladder. The LOLIGO blockbuster ( ) is specially adapted for ICO projects on Blochein.
  • Online service for managing the ICO campaign through an intuitive graphical wizard, offering classic dashboard functions and much more. Also the possibility of advertising both inside the site and on the side.
  • A trading platform that contains an ICO list and allows the direct purchase of tokens. It presents reliable ICO. Simple investors will be able to invest in a particular project, and developers are provided with a stable inflow of finance.
  • Each ICO will be checked by site experts manually, but using the standards developed for this.
  • Exchanger. Here you change the cue balloons, ethers and so on the domestic currency and tokens of companies. This option is available through a personal Smart wallet.
  • A purse from which you can buy tokens presented by ICO on the site, and also allows you to store LCC tokens. There is also a function of voting for or against a particular project.

How it Works

Token info

Token LLG
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

PreICO price 1 LLG = 0.002 ETH
Price in ICO 1 LLG = 0.003 ETH


Pre-sale, 01/08-01/09 2018 30%
Tokens for sale 11,200,000

Investment info

Accepting ETH,Fiat
Distributed in ICO 70%

Soft cap 950,000 USD
Hard cap 12,000,000 USD




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