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In 2017, Market Insights Reports reported that the charity market is a massive trade. The charity market was calculable to own a value of around $747 billion. You’ll trust Pine Tree State that the figure is big and extremely spectacular and this can be the confirmation that individuals hardly live and monitor the “peer-to-peer transactions dead on a routine. Several people offer out cash or alternative resources to charity organizations from time to time.

The ensuing result is that nothing abundant has modified within the charity trade in terms of the technological processes custom-made. The visible distinction is that philanthropic foundations have replaced the standard monasteries that were in result for 2 hundred years past. Though there has been a clear modification within the mode of payment however the issues haunting the trade still persists. it's turning into more and more troublesome for philanthropists to search out honourable comes, quickly transfer funds to them with none doubt, and most significantly, be rest assured that the funds ar used judiciously.

The Humancoin platform offers a viable and lasting resolution for the charity trade through the consolidation of 3 revolutionary processes, the cryptocurrency market, the blockchain technology, and also the e-commerce loyalty programs. This platform brings along all the stakeholders as well as the donors, recipients and e-commerce players. the corporate designed AN interface to change the participants to quickly and seamlessly send donations to any country of their alternative, to observe the transactions and even have the possibility to review the reports.

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The benefits of victimisation this platform ar monumental. First, it helps resolve trust problems by guaranteeing security, traceability, and transparency. Also, it eliminates the long charity chain and also the middlemen concerned within the transactions. This includes; NGOs, Banks, Law companies and State Bodies. Significantly, Philanthropists ar the largest winner and that they tend to profit massively from this platform. It allows them to observe the dealings and also the recipients of grants ar solely ready to expend the resources on worthy comes when meeting necessary conditions.

All these outstanding innovations can enhance the expansion of the charity trade. As at these days, honorable charitable organizations like save the kids, Red Cross, and united manner and a bunch of alternatives have begun accepted funds and other donations in cryptocurrency. Also, there ar confirmed reports that the new technology is presently being studied by huge market players cherish the globe Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and also the IBRD.

On the Humancoin platform, their token can have interaction varied cryptocurrency users from totally different styles of loyalty programs everywhere the world to ensure a stable and lasting demand for tokens. The funds generated at the Token sale can verify the money strategy to be deployed by the corporate which can be spent on numerous comes to be dead in this autumn of 2018-2019.

This outstanding project was initiated and dead by a bunch of specialists namely; Gilas Gailer (CEO), Kate Bublik (CMO), Aravinda adult male (Blockchain and good Contracts Expert), Kai Hsia (Senior software system Engineer), Daniel Maximkin (Head of Digital Analytics), Nathan Van Delaware Van (Community and Project Manager), Elena Tarasova (SMM Manager) and alternative special advisors.

In case you're running a charitable organization and you're in limbo concerning creating donations, the Humancoin platform has been developed to confirm that your funds are used judiciously. You’ve got nothing to worry as a result of your funds are secured with the Humancoin platform.

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Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 3,055,000,000 HUMA
Price: 1 HUMA = 0.01
Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 26,000,000 USD
Quantity: 150,000,000 HUMA
Beginning: 01.06.2018
Completion: 15.09.2018
Quantity: 2,905,000,000 HUMA
Beginning: 15.09.2018
Completion: 01.11.2018
Stage 1 - 35%
Stage 2 - 20%
Stage 3 - 0%

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