Contractium is decentralized software that works by using Ethereum smart contracts. This software runs without any need of downtime, thirty-party interface, and censorship. It is designed for general users. The users can securely and seamlessly work together without having any technical skill.

The objective of Contractium is to enable the general people, commercial users, and businesses to create the market and to store registries of promises and debts. In addition, it can help to move funds in accordance with the data given in the past records.
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Contractium is a decentralized programming that in light of Ethereum shrewd contract, which enables clients to make savvy contract effortlessly by means of work area/versatile/web-application. This empowers organizations and business clients to make markets, store registries of obligations or guarantees, move subsidizes as per directions given long before (like a will or a fates contract) and numerous different things that have not been designed yet, all without a center man or counterparty chance.

Contractium, as a software-as-a-service, helps businesses use as:

  • An installment entryway (in those nations that accept cryptographic money as the universal liquidity).

  • An online prizes framework (in the rest nations of the world). Contractium is powered by Ethereum blockchain. That means the smart contracts made on this platform will be integrated with the inner network of real business. Moreover, it is user-friendly and will help users to create smart contracts and to use them for their business without technical skill. The CTU token is made to help the online business to make it easier to offer rewards and to get more benefits from them. The smart contracts made on this platform will be fully or partially self-enforcing, self-executing, or both. The objective of these smart contracts is to offer better security than traditional contracts laws. Moreover, the platform will reduce the cost that is associated with making smart contracts. It will enable the users to program their own contracts.

Contractium focuses on the Ethereum based smart contracts to ensure a secure commercial deal between the contractee and contractor on the internet using a proof-of Contract algorithm. The mission is to help both the business and customers to sign commercial smart contracts trustfully and easily. The contracts will be secured by blockchain technology. It will also help to earn extra with online consumption. In addition, it will replace the traditional reward system and will eliminate print contracts.
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Contractium is created in view of the ethereum stage utilizing the Proof-od-Contract (PoC) calculation that will be the most recent age of keen contracts. Contractium assembles brilliant ethereum-based contracts to anchor business assentions amongst temporary workers and contractual workers on the web utilizing the most recent age Proof-of-Contract (PoC) calculation convention.

As the most recent age savvy contract application for web clients.

Changing the customary reward framework.

Dispense with Contract Print.

Make business contacts less demanding and more secure.

Help temporary workers and contractual workers sign keen business contracts in a more advantageous and dependable way.

Help clients to win additional cash with their online utilization.

Contractium is a stage that depends on the ethereum blockchain organize, a keen contract which will then be coordinated into the inward system of the real business. The Contractium interface encounter is produced with a more easy to use UX/GUI interface that will make it less demanding for clients to make shrewd contracts with only a couple of snaps. Contractium utilizes the CTU token to help clients in online business and give rewards to clients in a significantly less demanding way.

Contractium is a decentralized stage on keen ethereum gets that will make it less demanding for clients to make brilliant contracts utilizing versatile, work area or Web-App. Contractium will take out print contracts requiring marks between at least two gatherings and will be made open by a legal official open or gathering the other three. As Contractium programming administrations will enable organizations to use as an installment passage to nations that can get to digital money as worldwide liquidity. At that point being used as a framework for online blessings.


Contractium token, known as CTU, is the one and the only thing that you need to make smart contracts through this platform. It is a form of contract as well as a payment process that is required to process a deal, book an online or offline service, or to place an order by both businesses and customers. Besides, it is an incentive that ensures a smooth and flawless operational process between two parties on the blockchain. Both the parties can also earn some extra added-value tokens depending on the reward policy on this network.

Token name: Contractium

Token symbol: CTU

Accepting: ETH

Total supply: 3,000,000,000 CTU

Minimum purchase: 01 ETH=15,000 CTU

For sales: 1,500,000,000 CTU

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  • Hung Viet Nguyen - CEO and Co-founder. Hung has more than 8 years experience in startups and entrepreneurship development. He has co-owned 2 companies and Vietnam and 5 startups. Hung attended Danang University of Technology and HTW Berlin.

  • Thanh Hai Tran - CTO and Co-founder. Thanh was the Senior Director and CTO of Pypestream, former CTO of CNC Mobile labs and Umbala Labs. He has over 10 years of experience working with many world-class tech experts.

  • Thien Quang Nguyen - CPO cum Blockchain Technical Director and Co-founder. Thien earned his computer science degree from the biggest Technology University in Vietnam after opening his first technology outsourcing company. He is now managing the blockchain-tech-team at Contractium to develop products.

  • Dennis Poh Wei Song - COO and Co-founder. Dennis is an experienced disrector with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. He is skilled in accounting, tax, corporate legal, corporate structure advisory, and corporate governance.


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