What’s up everybody WAJAHAT is here with another exciting blog on uRunIt. Revolutionary platform of uRunIt offers multiple advantages to the owners of UTURN tokens namely trading of place and getting place on lease, complete analysis of the game before its launch, crypto-exchanges, in-game currency, ranks based on trade, purchase of services offered on the platform, continuous upsurge in demand of tokens, jackpot on daily basis, jackpot on weekly basis, jackpot on monthly basis. There are many reasons why one should purchase URUN tokens among them one is dissemination of URUN tokens is limited and it is ensured via URUN Smart contact. Each user who holds tokens of URUN is able to take part in jackpot drawing which take place regularly each day, each week plus each month. Out of net tokens congregated by platform 70% are meant to be utilized in jackpot drawings.

uRunIt fully complies with the rules & regulations. Team at this platform consulted topnotch lawyers who have specialized in regulations pertinent to finance cryptocurrency. URUN token qualifies as utility token it isn’t security token and this signifies instantaneous entry on exchanges following ICO. There will be nonstop need for tokens as these tokens are necessary for running U Run It however the number of tokens that are circulating will be subjected to reduction. Tokens will be burned during each transaction which means that they won’t be part of circulating tokens anymore and in the meantime casino operatives who are utilizing uRunIt forum & sum of players who are making use of URUN tokens will experience exponential growth. So, need for URUN tokens will continue to grow. uRunIt has a team equipped with technical brilliance.
Token offered by uRunIt is URUN and currently pre-sale is live. Value of 1 URUN is equivalent to 0.00125 ETH & worth of 1 ETH is equivalent to 8 hundred URUN. Sum of tokens that are currently available is equivalent to 80 million. Sum of tokens which are meant for sale is 60 million. Soft cap is 4 million tokens & hard cap is 60 million tokens. LTC, DASH, BTC and XRP are in the list of acceptable currencies. During pre-sale which began on 15th May 2018 and will end on 30th June 2018 40% bonus is offered from 30th May till 14th June and 30% bonus will be offered from 15th June to 30th June. Pre-ICO will commence from 1st July of 2018 and end on 15th August of 2018 20% bonus will be given from 1st July to 31st July & 15% bonus will be given form 1st August to 15th August. ICO will begin on 1st September of 2018 and end on 15th October of 2018 10% bonus will be offered from 1st to 15th September & 7.5% bonus from 16th to 20th September, 5% bonus will be available from 1st to 15th October. Those tokens which won’t be sold will be disseminated equivalently amongst those individuals who purchased URUN tokens earlier in the phase of pre-sale & ICO.
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