LabelsCoin is a one-source copyright exchange platform based on blockchain technology with a range of related services. Combined, this facilitates copyright transparency and related royalty exchanges – allowing fair and transparent retribution to music creators. LabelsCoin blockchain is built on a copyright matching engine that will verify

LabelsCoin blockchain is built on a copyright matching engine that will verify the status of the music against the license model, violation, plagiarism, redistribution rights, and means.

The core of the Blockchain Coin project is that it is based on the copyright compatibility mechanism. It checks the status of music, licensing models, violations, plagiarism, rights and meaningful redistribution.

The LabelsCoin Determination Project works on three main components:

  • Digital currency;
  • System for recognizing music on the Internet;
  • Providing royalties in real time for music stakeholders.

Vision Labels Coin

The Vision of Creation of LabelsCoin and future business models and strategies consists of three components:

  • digital currency,
  • an online music recognition system that provides real-time royalties to music stakeholders and
  • patented industrial device.

Destination LabelsCoin

The main purpose of this platform is the creation of a reliable and global music network, which will be safe and transparent, using the block system. LabelsCoin allows its users not to worry about their data and developments, because the system guarantees copyright transparency and related royalty exchanges – by considering fair and transparent remuneration to music creators.

In short, LabelsCoin blockchain is based on a system to identify copyright compliance, it checks the status of music against licensing models, violations, plagiarism, rights and meaningful redistribution. However, to protect depositors, patented and industrial devices are provided, which are currently in production and will be available on the market in 2019.


We believe that the community plays an important role in becoming a global crypto trading platform and investment. Therefore, we want our community to be able to participate in our future growth through this form of funding, as compared to traditional business funding that limits investment to minority elites

Token Sales: 7 September – 31 December

Ticker LBSC
Token type ERC20
Received BTC ETH

ICO Token Price 3.03 ETH = 1000 LBSC
Token Price: 1 LBSC = 0.0001515 BTC
Total Tokens 30000000
Tokens Available for Sale 20000000

Min/Max Personal Cap 1000 to 500000

All unsold tokens will be burned.


November 2017
End of market research, white paper 0.1 version, legal advice, build a team.

March 2018
LabelsCoin website and LBSC token creation, update white paper 0.2.

April 2018
Patent the device and first meeting with Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein, update white paper 0.3.

June 2018
Genesis of LabelsCoin blockchain: genesis block creation, update white paper 0.4.

June 2018
Development of LabelsCoin blockchain, meet up conference Montreux Palace (Switzerland) press conference in Venafro, Italy.

July 2018
Legal advice of LBSC token, LabelsCoin officially International Trademark.

August 2018
Second meeting with Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein, incorporation of KYC in our website, development of blockchain, meet up with Swiss Cyber Security in Geneva, Switzerland.

September 2018
PRE-ICO: 33.4% of the token will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO.

November 2018
INITIAL COIN OFFERING, the 40% of tokens will be distributed.

December 2018
End of ICO.

January 2019
Finalization of the blockchain services.

February 2019
Device production.

June 2019
Go-live with blockchain services – Marketing campaign.

Board member

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