The transport sector knows where it wants to go with real time
data and smart technology but doesn’t know how to get there.
DOVU is the missing piece of the puzzle - a circular economy
for the transport and mobility sector by creating an
unprecedented value exchange between regular consumers
and those that benefit from their data. The DOVU Protocol
empowers ‘data owners’ (individuals, organisations, IoT
devices – any source of data) to control access to the data
shared, whilst receiving value of the use of that data in return
– in the form of DOV Tokens. These tokens then feed back
into the ecosystem through mobility related transactions, be
that offsetting the cost of a car, fuel for that car, paying for a
flight, or just riding the bus. Our Protocol facilitates and
encourages development of an infinite number of mobility
related dApps, detailing data interchange and attribution of
value. Based on Ethereum, the DOV token is used for
transactions within these dApps. The potential for dApp’s built
on the platform is boundless, using DOVU’s economy to
create previously impossible mobility services. The core team
consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, product
marketers, product designers and legal experts - all with
significant experience shipping and supporting products used
by millions of people. Our high profile advisory board is
committed to help DOVU execute its mission, and includes a
former member of the board of directors of Ethereum, an
entrepreneur who has built a one billion dollar business around
community development, and a partner at a top global
advisory f irm. Together with strategic investors, including a
government-backed fund and a major car company, DOVU will
disrupt a traditional industry.
DOVU is shaping the crypto model for the mobility ecosystem.
Introducing a transport focused protocol to accelerate the
development of mobility related decentralised applications
(dApps), the DOV token powers new business models in the
transportation sector.
Fluid mobility is burdened by market inefficiencies and fiat
limitations. Currently, there is no reward mechanism for an
individual to contribute value back into the ecosystem, such
as sharing data with service providers, or sending electricity
back to the grid from their EV. In essence, this means that an
important well of value is left untapped, needlessly slowing
down the process of innovation. As it stands, we’re facing a
world with self-driving cars, where you still need to fill out
paperwork for insurance, pay per fixed units of an hour, and
you don’t control your own driving data. Thankfully, blockchain
is exceptionally well suited to solve these problems.
(0.30B) will be made available to token sale participants (ITO).
• 35% of the DOV Tokens (0.42B) will be allocated to an user
growth fund. Earned tokens, by contributing the quality of the
ecosystem, will originate from this fund. DOV Tokens received
as a reward can only be used within the DOVU ecosystem for
value added services. Any unused DOV Tokens after 6 months
will be sent back to the user growth fund which can then be
used for new users. • 15% of the DOV Tokens (0.18B) will be
allocated to advisors, founders, and management to help build
the team. Team members vest for tokens in four installments
of six months each. • 25% of the tokens (0.3B) will be held in
reserve. The reserve is subject to a two-year lock-down
period. 0.5% of the token sale (1.5 million tokens) will be
allocated to the Bounty program. The bonus structure for the
public token sale will be based on three tiers. Conditions for
these three tiers will be announced when the pre-sale closes
on the 29th of September. Tier 1: 10% discount Tier 2: 3%
discount Tier 3: Announced token price
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