Soma started as a project because we wanted to create a unique and revolutionary platform
for trades to change hands in response to market situations where old platforms divulge a number
large users to the Facebook Group are localized.the rise of a localized Facebook group for trading is
global phenomena and this trend seems to continue.
We conclude that this phenomenon occurs for a reason, which appears to be the demand for that platform
facilitate social interaction and support an efficient trading / trading experience. Soma is the solution
suitable for this.in addition to Soma's unique features, Soma implements the traditional concepts of social media platforms
well known, which helped the mass adoption of the platform by the slow majority.
Soma builds a social trading platform that has powerful digital assets and unique innovations such as the Item Card
Interactive / Interactive Item Card (IIC).iIC is revolutionary because of its ability to archive history
ownership, authenticity and social value. Physical products are more profitable if the IIC connected with it has a lot of reputation
and likers (enthusiasts). IIC will leverage social capital and encourage users to create quality content to
Soma platform.the social value of the IIC increases as it gathers different social interactions within the platform and possibly
it is reflected in the value of items / physical goods.thus, Soma monetizes the social wealth created by
its users and the value of social contribution is determined by Token Community Soma / Soma Community Token (SCT) ..
Soma Community Token enables Interactive Item Card to recover payment and realization information
social capital.for the first time in history, it reveals original data on trends and trades
monetization of social users' contributions simultaneously. Because information is stored in this way, the community gets
the advantage of a truly accurate price on the free market. Prices are not determined by pricing
institutional or manipulated by intermediate commissions. Only the original price

  • Values ​​may rise as the C2C market becomes mainstream
  • The Soma Rewarding System ensures that marketing and other promotions are valued by SCT
  • The biggest adoption for SCT emerged from its introduction to the mass market for the ordinary consumer
  • SCT complements a good business model with patent-pending features (patents that are in the registration process) and
    the fact is undeniable that crypto currency will play a major role in the future of the C2C platform.
  • Compared to other cryptographic tokens, Soma already has apps that work and already have them
    a good strategy to get a large number of customers to increase the size of the SCT market.
  • The more ETH Soma communities that accumulate in ICO - the faster it develops and spreads

The Soma community was founded because of the inevitable changes and the future is in our hands. Soma already
developed to a more advanced stage because the app is in a closed Alpha (Test version). Implementation features
blockchain-based, like IIC, will be a revolutionary part of Soma.soma provides a solution to that problem
identified and the business model is highly scalable.

About Token sales and distribution

The last 6 million SCT units will be used for growth, as well as marketing and rewards for active members of the community. Note that pre-sale bonuses are paid out of this (6,000,000 SCT) funds.

During ICO, 60,000,000 credits will be issued, of which 54 million will be sold at ICO.The last 6 million SCT units will be used for the development, marketing and promotion of active community members.

Funds accumulated, during ICO, the company plans to use to carry out platform activities.the funds will be distributed as follows:
35% Marketing and site launch
20% Product and technology development
20% Legal and patent issues
Operational Team 15%
10% Community Remuneration

Maximum Boundary Value Required
60,000,000 SCT
54,000,000 SCT
1 ETH = 450 SCT

More info about SOMA You can visit the link below:
ANN thread
by rhosadah
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