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Humancoin Project

Humancoin is the brand new cryptocurrency fuelled from Charity mining protocol’s Proof. This innovation permits the job. It’s endorsed charity sector and by which have a combined worth of $ 3,5 trillion. Blockchain technology on a P2P platform provides traceability and transparency. Association using philanthropy will create Humancoin a possible loyalty applications aggregator.
About Humancoin Project

Humancoin is a radical platform attracting in the synergy of philanthropy business, retail e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets, that collectively have a combined worth of $3.5 billion dollars.
Why choose Humancoin?
The Humancoin tokens can be substituted into any issues, miles, coupons, bonuses.
Token owners will be capable of hold them to benefit from attractive advantages and this gives a long-term, steady need for tokens.
Since the Amount of Spouses and the scope of Collaboration Inside the Humancoin Network grows, so Will the popularity of the token.
The Proof of Charity”mining” concept makes it possible for the job to scale thousands and hundreds of times.

Features of Humancoin
That is actually the very first ever blockchain project with the capability to turn into a international e-commerce loyalty program aggregator.
Organization with philanthropy provides its tokens a exceptional benefit in creating loyalty programs with spouses developing a powerful emotional resonance.
Rather than competing with existing apps, the Humancoin token is easily incorporated into existing systems — it takes is placing a conversion speed.
What’s Humancoin a breakthrough blockchain undertaking?

What’s Humancoin a breakthrough blockchain undertaking?
Humancoin combines philanthropists and recipients of capital on a single P2P platform at the very convenient and transparent manner possible.
The blockchain platform created from the”mined” Humancoin token will breathe fresh life to the charity business, demonstrating a motor of growth.
While in precisely the exact same time turning into a premier international loyalty program for a growing number of spouses in e-commerce.

Option: Humancoin is the Money of kindness

The confidence issue is solved by blockchain by giving traceability, transparency, and safety.
Contributions can be easily made by donors track their cost online, get rewards from the spouses of your platform.
The symbiosis of both cryptocurrencies and e-commerce will facilitate an increase.

One of the partners of the project will probably be global businesses, big shops, service companies airlines, crypto exchanges, irrespective of whether they function using cryptocurrencies or even.
How it Functions Humancoin
The platform provides the chance to completely track contributions online, in addition to voting and standing for jobs and philanthropists alongside different capabilities.
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There’s also the choice to be given a receipt for every donation to utilize for tax deduction purposes based upon the donor’s tax authority.
The upcoming growth of this project will be funded with the 5 percent -fee increased from the capital collected for charity jobs, which is 4 times greater than the industry average.

Ico Deatail

Pre-Sale07/01/2018 noon — 08/15/2018 noon
Token Sale09/15/2018 noon — 11/01/2018 noon

Token info

Token HUMA
Platform Ethereum
Token Price 0.01 USD
Token for sale 3,055,000,000 HUMA (51%)
Token supply 6,000,000,000 HUMA

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Humancoin is your brand new massive cryptocurrency fuelled from the Proof of Charity mining protocol (which lets you scale it thousands of times). It’s endorsed by the synergy of charity business and retail e-commerce (which together have a combined worth of $3,5 trillion over a single P2P convenient platform).

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